Golf: Glossary, Dictionary and Terms



  • Aiming – It involves the action of aligning the clubface to the target.
  • Alignment – The position of the body relative to the preliminary target.
  • Angle of Attack or Approach – It is the relative angle that the club head advances the golf ball at crash which, in turn, aid to decide the trajectory and distance that the ball travels.
  • Approach shot – It is a golf shot that is made from a distance (fairway or rough) towards the hole of green.
  • Apron – This is the grass façade on the perimeter of the green that detaches it from the fairway.
  • Axis – It is a straight line that the upper body revolves around the course of the golf swing.


  • Backspin – The revolving movement or spin of the golf ball created by contact with the clubface.
  • Backswing – The motion that entails the golf club and every part of the body in taking the golf club away from the golf ball and setting it in a top position of the backswing from the club can be delivered to the golf ball at the impact.
  • Balance – It is an appropriate distribution if the weight throughout the swing and at address.
  • Balata – The rubber-like material used as a cover material for golf balls.
  • Baseball Grip – It is a grip that involves all the ten fingers are placed on the grip of the golf club.
  • Birdie – A score on the golf hole that is one less than Par (Her birdie on the 11th hole was a turning point in the competition)
  • Bladed shot – Also referred to as a (skulled shot) happens when the top half of the golf ball is struck with the bottom portion of the iron causing a low-running shot.
  • Block – Can be referred to as a swing in which the revolving of the forearms is prevented or detailed throughout the hitting area producing a shot that moves to the correct target.
  • Bobbing – Refers to the acts of lowering and/or raising the swing center in the process of a swing.
  • Bogey – A score on the golf hole that is one more than Par (The bogey on the 18th hole cost him the championship).
  • Borrow – The quantity of break a golfer permits for when hitting a breaking putt.
  • Bowed – The location of the wrists at the top of the backswing where the top wrist is bent somewhat inward.
  • Break – It the quantity a putt will curve to the side as a result of wind, grain, and slope and it affects the movement of the golf ball.
  • Bumper and Run – It is a pitch shot that occurs around the green where a golfer hits the ball into the slope to reduce its speed before it settles on the green and roll towards the hole.


  • Caddie – This is a person hired by a professional golfer to carry a staff golf bag and offer other assistance as required.
  • Calcutta – It is an action that involves people bidding on teams or players in a tournament.
  • Cambered – It applies to a golf club roundedness or curvature to lessen drag.
  • Carry – It is a distance the golf ball fly in the air so at safely reach a target or carry a hazard.
  • Carryover – Can be described as a situation where a hole is tied in a match and the bet is taken to the subsequent hole. (She won the 11th hole as well as the carryover).
  • Cart – It is a small car that is designed to carry two golfers and their cart golf bags on a course so as to reduce the stress of walking.
  • Casting – This is when there is an uncocking of your wrists rashly on the downswing resultant to the loss of control and power.
  • Cavity-back – Entail a type of iron where a part of the back of the club head is hallowed out and weight is dispersed around the exterior ends of the club head.
  • Center of gravity – It is the point in the pelvic area of a human body where the mass and weight of the body are evenly balanced.
  • Chicken wing – Can be referred to as a flaw in a swing that leads to the elbow bending at an angle that is pointed away from the body and resulting in a pushed or blocked shot.
  • Chip and run – It is a low-running shot that is played around the greens where the golf ball spends less time on the air and more on the ground.
  • Choke – The term refers to a belittling term that describes a poor play as a result of nervousness.
  • Choke down – refers to the act of gripping down on your shaft so as to offer greater control.
  • Chunk – It is a poor shot that results from hitting the turf behind the golf ball causing a fat shot.
  • Cleek – refers to a fairway wood that is roughly loft of a 4 wood that offers high shots that land tenderly.
  • Closed grip – is when the hands are turned away from the target.
  • Coil – it is the turning of your body during the backswing
  • Cross-Handed – Entails a grip where the left hand is placed below the right hand or a grip that is opposite of the normal grip.

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