How to perfectly organize your Golf Bag


I had the habit of packing my golf bag anyhow and it resulted in my gears taking a lot of space and even became hard to find what I needed easily. I could pour everything down so as to find my favorite club or anything else that I needed. This taught me a hard lesson and I started taking seriously the need of organizing my bag well. Most of the times I carried a lot of stuff and I remember one day when doing rounds I could not even lift the bag since it was too heavy for me.

I had to re-think on how to keep my golf bag clean and organized. Do this if your bag seems to be in a mess so that you can enjoy all the rounds without worrying about bag’s weight. This is also important if you have no caddie that will help you carry the bag so that when taking that shot you will still be full of energy.

How to organize your Golf Bag

  1. First, evaluate the state of the bag

Empty all your golf pockets to be able to know what is in a wrong place and how to correct it. In case the gears such as balls and tees you have are too much then ensure to reduce to a significantly reasonable amount to avoid a too heavy bag.

  1. Concentrate on your necessities

Put items separately with similar items together in order to know the amount of each item you have. By doing this, you will know what you don’t necessarily need, hence, you will end up carrying only things that are important for the play.

  1. Choose the things you want to keep

Once you have separated everything, it is now time to decide the item you would love to keep. Don’t take too many balls, sleeves, gloves or other gears. Take few as much as you can so long as it can be enough for the game since you are not going to sell them after-all.

  1. Choose which pocket to put each item

After deciding the items you will need, it is time to decide which item goes to which pocket. This makes retrieval of such items easy within a short time. For the things you use the most, ensure to place them in easily accessible pockets. Put your apparel and rain hood in the large external pocket, the sunscreen in bottom pocket and a deep pocket at the bottom for the balls. There is a valuable pocket to put your phone, wallet, keys or other valuables and an insulated pocket for placing your drinks. Depending on the golf bag you buy some has up to 13 pockets but with those having less, they can still accommodate everything you will need for the game.

  1. Put your clubs in order

It is very important that you organize your clubs well in the golf carrier in order to have an easy time when playing. When clubs are well organized, it becomes easy to retrieve them and put them back hence your game will be fantastic since less time will be spent looking for which club you want. Golf bags often have club dividers with some having individual slot for the clubs. This makes organization easy and ensures that your clubs are always safe from damage. The number of clubs you intent to carry will determine the number of dividers you will need in a bag.


The steps above are essential to having a well organized and a lightweight golf bag. However, having the best golf bag is also important to ensure it holds everything you need for the game. Taking along with you unnecessary gears is burdening since you will get tired carrying a heavy bag which could have otherwise been avoided. Follow these steps and have a great game.

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