How to stop dog excessive barking in a public place, home, or a golf course


Dog bark when they want to communicate or get someone’s attention. The dog can back while in a public place, home, golf course, or while in any other place. However, constant and continuous barking can be a nuisance. It is very important to understand the reason why your dog is constantly barking before shutting him down.

Reasons why dogs bark

There are several reasons why dogs bark.

  • To safeguard their territory-The place dog spends its time or owner’s property are very important. He will bark at other animals or visitors who try to invade his territory.
  • Getting people attention-Dogs communicate with people through barking. They will bark when they want to catch someone attention so that he/she can attend to his needs.
  • When they sense danger-Dogs bark when things are not okay. A sense of danger can trigger the dog to bark continuously.
  • Due to boredom-When a dog is alone in the house or in the yard,it can bark because it is unhappy.
  • When in pain-Dogs can bark when they are in great pain especially when injured. They will be In need of help from their master, hence continuously barking.
  • To greet you-When a dog sees you, sometimes they will bark because they are happy to see you. It is a way of greeting you.

To stop dog excessive barking you have to keep these training tips in your mind always.

  • When your dog barks, do not yell at him to keep him quite because he may assume you are helping him to bark and two of you will continue barking together.
  • Be positive during training.
  • Consistently train your dog not to bark. Do not let him go free without punishment when he barks unnecessarily even if you are in a public place e.g. a park.

Tips to stop the dog excessive barking

There several devices that can be used to stop the dog excessive barking. You can buy no bark dog collars or use ultrasonic emitters. You can find some of the best dog training collars under 100 in Amazon.

These devices can curb excessive dog barking but for a short period and the barking behavior will crop up again. Therefore, it is better to try other options that can curb excessive dog barking. Below tips can help you:-

  • Distract your dog. Turning on a radio or television when the dog is barking can act as a distraction and stop the dog from barking. You can also buy toys that can keep the dog busy.
  • Do not give him attention. Ignoring the dog when he barks helps a lot in stopping the dog excessive barking. A method needs a lot of time before the dog learns. Reward him when he keeps quiet.
  • Keep your dog engaged. To avoid your dog getting bored, take him out for walks and play games with him in the backyard. Games will make the dog get tired and he will have no time to barking, Definitely, he will be dead asleep in his orthopedic beds
  • Teach him how to greet visitors.Let him know how he should greet and behave when meeting your visitors.
  • Teach the dog ‘quiet’ command. Allow him to bark for three to four times, then calmly say ‘quite’ to stop him. With time, the dog will learn that quite a command means he should stop barking.


To stop dog excessive barking is not a one-day training; it will take time for the dog to learn. Consistent training and repetitive training will yield perfect good results. If the above tips do not help you, consider hiring a professional dog trainer.

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