Is Golf a Sport? What is a Sport?

A sport is any activity that involves physical effort and skill in which a person or team compete against another for trophies, awards, or just entertainments. The game must have a certain set of regulations that guide the competition. It is a physical event (such as swimming and fishing) that is done for pleasure. This makes Golf a sport as it satisfies the aforementioned definition.

The Controversial Debate on Golf as a Sport

Whether golf is a sport or not has been a controversial topic. For a person who has never played golf, he will tell you that golf is a sport is for the rich, fat, or old people who want to have an easy time just walking around and not doing anything meaningful.

The truth is that golf is a sport just like American Football or Basketball. However, before a person can refer to golfing as a sport, it must be performed by serious golfers and not a player who will just do one round and go home. This article offers more insight so as to justify why golf is a sport.

Factors that make Golf a Sport

i) There is a need for practice in any game

If you’re to excel in any sport you need to practice. As a golfer, you’re required to spend adequate time practicing.  Thus, to improve your swing, you will need to hit thousands of golf balls and practice for hours to become a good golfer.

ii) Proper Workout

One of the functions of sports is to workout and golf offers a perfect opportunity to exercise and workout. The golf swing uses muscles in the legs, arms, hands, wrists, and abdomen.  It is important that you walk while carrying your golf bag to workout and exercise. Golf works and there are golfers who have nutritionist and trainers to help better their game.

There are a lot of stereotypes where some people think that this game is for old and fat people. Similarly, there are those who think that golf is only a leisure sport played by lazy players. Such stereotypes continue to diminish the respectability of the sport. Nonetheless, in order to play this game in major competitions such as PGA, you will need to be strong and flexible to be able to swing and hit the ball well.

iii) Sports Agents

All sports have agents who negotiate on behalf of their clients, so is golf. In golf, you will find sponsors and sports agents who trust in the game. For instance, Tiger Woods is one of the richest athletes in the word due to deals from various brands that recognizes golf as a sport.

iv) Skills and Focus

In order to excel in golf, you will need to have proper skills and focus which is a requirement of all games. To write a successful golfing story, you need to put more skills and focus to know ways in which you’re going to hit the golf ball.

v) Golf played in Olympics

Is golf in the Olympics? Golf has been included in the Olympics games in the year 1900, 1904, and 2016. Also, the game will be included in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The event will include 60 men and 60 ladies. The inclusion of golfing in the Olympics which is the game that best athletes compete is an indication that golf is a game.

vi) Mastery of the Golf game

To play the game, you need to master it. However, it is important to know that this is a game that none has ever mastered it. In this game, there are players like Tiger Woods who are good on the golf course but none of these players is perfect. There are times you will have good shots while there are times you will have bad hits.


  1. Which of the following is considered an individual sport?

Golf is considered an individual sport.

  1. How many people think that golf is a sport?

A lot of people think that golf is not a sport especially those who do not understand how the game works. But for those who know some facts about the game, they know its a sport.

  1. What do you achieve by playing golf?

Hand-eye coordination, physical endurance, proper workout, and mental toughness.

  1. Is golf a dying or a declining sport?

Is golf a declining sport? Yes. Golf numbers are quickly declining as opposed to dying or vanishing. There are various reasons why the golf is declining is because of the length of time it takes to play. The digital age makes everything faster and you can even play a soccer game while seated in your couch.

Thus, not so many young people would be willing to spend 4-5 hours just playing a golf game in the sun and this makes the sport to decline. However, golf would not require a large number of golfers to sustain it. It will only require a satisfactory number of players who would want to play at least once a week in a golfing season so as to keep the game moving forward.

5. What is the most common golfing etiquette that is broken?

The most common golfing etiquette that is usually overlooked in a golf course is noise and music. It is important that golfers observe silence and avoid music and noise when others are taking their hit. For the two decades I have been playing the game, I have noticed that loud music on the golf course has increased.

  1. Is golf the most mentally challenging sport

Yes. Golf is the most mentally challenging sport as it requires mental focus and eliminates mental fatigue. The game will take about 4 hours, carrying golf bags while walking. Sustaining such concentration and while trying to figure out the best way to hit the ball can be challenging. Thus, you must develop the spirit of concentration and the ability to tackle diverse challenges while on the golf course.


Golf is a sport just like swimming or basketball. It has all the qualities of a sport and no satisfactory reason can rule it out. The paper has given all the features that make golf a sport. Also, it has answered some frequently asked questions to help you in understanding the sport in a better and clear manner.

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