A staff bag is also known as Tour bag and it is a prestigious bag that is mostly designed to be used by professional players or golfers those with a wealth of experience in the golf course. If you’re just starting over, I would recommend you to buy beginners golf bags under 100. A staff golf bag is usually heavy but it’s padded and has a large strap that makes it easy to carry.

If you’re using this type of golf bag, you may require hiring a caddie to help you carry the bag or use a cart as the bag is heavy and you may get tired especially when playing a tournament. How much does an average staff bag weigh? An empty staff bag usually weighs 10 to 12 lbs and when it is loaded with clubs, the weight can go up to 35-40 lbs. The best staff bag is made of high-quality materials making it last for a long time and is probably costly compared to other golf bags. They’re big in size and occupy a large space. Therefore, ensuring that your cart or trunk is big enough is very essential.

Table of 10 Best Rated Golf Staff bags

TaylorMade Tour 2018 Staff BagBest OverallSee Amazon Price
Cobra Staff Golf BagBest Staff bag under 500See Amazon Price
Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Staff Cart BagBest Staff Golf bag for cart useSee Amazon Price
Wilson Staff Quiver Stand BagBest Staff Golf Bag under 100See Amazon Price
Guiote Golf Staff BagBest Carry Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Burton USA Staff BagBest Patriots Golf Bag (With USA flag)See Amazon Price
Wilson Golf- Staff Ionix Light Carry Golf BagBest Lightweight Staff Golf bagSee Amazon Price
Srixon Golf- Tour Staff BagBest Ladies Staff Golf bagSee Amazon Price
Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Cg Staff BagBest Mens Golf bagSee Amazon Price
Callaway Golf Staff Bag Rogue Staff Stand BagBest Stand Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Paul Frank Julius Staff BagBest Leather Golf BagSee Amazon Price

This bag is stable and stands on its own. It is classy and attractive and this draws people’s attention to you when you’re playing. If you love showing off, then this is the perfect bag for you. However, the downside with this bag is that it is tiresome, heavy and not ideal for all golfers. If you have considered all your needs and decided to settle on a staff bag, then this article will help you find the best bag. We have reviewed the ten best golf bags we found to be the best as per the comments of the people we know. Go through them and find one for yourself.

Who must consider having a staff bag?

A professional golfer or an aspiring pro golfer but not a beginner. It is important to note that Staff bags are often the sturdiest, heaviest and largest compared to other golf bags available.  This is a multi-use for every purpose and is very durable making it ideal for those who take the game seriously not just as a hobby but as a professional game. Such a bag is reliable and holds your clubs perfectly. It has been specifically designed for Tour professionals who are helped by caddies

10 Top-rated Golf Staff Bags Reviews 2022

1. Best Overall: TaylorMade Tour 2022 Staff Bag

See Amazon Price

This TaylorMade Tour 2022 staff bag is 6-way velour top and attractive bag to have with premium design. It features 12 specialized pockets, thus, providing an efficient and convenient storage capacity.

The bag has all required amenities in a golf bag with tour-caliber upgrades, therefore, enough for you to hit all the rounds with this amazing bag. Your bag will always be protected from the strong rays of the sun and the rain since the bag provides an umbrella sleeve. It has 3 point shoulder strap to enable you carry it comfortably, a rain hood and a zip off belly panel to allow embroidery. There is also a black gunmetal hardware and a towel clip to hold your towel so that you can use it to wipe any dirt, debris or dust from your bag to ensure it is always clean and does not stain. Choose this amazing staff bag by TaylorMade and hit the course with confidence.

What we loved

-6-way velour top

-Zip off belly panel for embroidery

-12 pockets

-Towel clip

-3 point shoulder strap

-Umbrella sleeve

-Gunmetal hardware


-36 x 15 x 12 inches dimension

-Weighs pounds

2. Best Staff Bag under 500: Cobra Staff Golf Bag

See Amazon Price

This Cobra Staff Golf Bag is a nice looking bag specifically designed for professionals who may be able to hire caddies since the bag may be too heavy.

It is a 6-way top featuring a customized collar, a fleece-lined pocket to protect your valuables, a matching rain hood, and a reverse tape zipper. The best golf bag under 500 dollars has a dual beverage pocket to enable you to carry beer to enjoy after the game while cold. The single padded neoprene strap is removable so that you can carry it on a cart and also be able to it on your shoulder with your arm resting on the bag so that you can easily maneuver the club course. This bag provides you with enough pockets to put all your accessories.

What we loved

-6-way featuring a customized collar

-Matching rain hood

-Single padded removable neoprene strap

-Fleece lined pocket

-Dual beverage pockets

-Reverse tape zipper


-Weighs 9 pounds

-36 x 15 x 15 inches dimension

3. Best Staff Golf bag for cart use: Golf 2018 Rogue Staff Cart Bag

See Amazon Price

Callaway 2018 Rogue Staff Cart Bag is the best staff golf bag if you intend to ride, push or pull a cart. The bag has a great design and color that makes it stylish and attractive. It is very sturdy and not heavy and you can easily remove the pocket cover in order to embroider your name on it.

This bag is a 6-way top with velour-wrapped dividers to protect your clubs from damage. There are 9 pockets to provide you with enough storage space, a velour-lined valuables pocket to protect all your fragile valuables such as a watch, phone etc and a magnetic rangefinder or a GPS pocket to track your bag if in case it gets lost. The umbrella sleeve is fully integrated to enable you to carry an umbrella to protect your bag from the rays of the sun or the rain, thus, durable. It has a perfect base so it can stand on its own and a matching rain hood. For the price, this bag is affordable so take the chance and get yourself one.

What we loved about the bag

-Velour-wrapped dividers

-9 pockets

-Matching rain hood

-Matching rain hood

-Perfect balance base

-Fully integrated umbrella sleeve

-GPS pocket or magnetic closure rangefinder


-Weighs 8.8 pounds

-10.8 x 12.5 x 37.2 inches dimension

4. Best Staff Golf Bag under 100: Wilson Staff Quiver Stand Bag

See Amazon Price

Compared with other staff bags, this Wilson Staff Quiver Stand Bag is super lightweight and very beautiful. It is a 3-way top featuring full-length dividers to keep your clubs well organized, free from crowding or damage and easy to remove or put it back. It is also a cheap golf bag for a person on a budget.

There is a top handle to enable you to move it easily and 4-point ergonomic double strap to enable you to carry it easily and comfortably. The bag has 4 pockets one a full-length garment pocket, big accessory pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket to keep safe all your fragile and a big water bottle pocket to enable carry your own water from home. There is a lower back and hip pad to make you feel comfortable when carrying your bag.

It has a lightweight stand base which once activated it stays flat. An umbrella holder holds your umbrella to protect your bag from the rain and the sun while the towel ring allows you to carry a towel to be able to wipe any dirt on your bag while playing. It also comes with a rain hood and a glove holder.

What we loved

-Lightweight stand-base

-4-Point ergonomic double strap

-Full-length dividers

-Umbrella holder

-Towel ring

-Rain hood

-Top handle

-Velour valuables and water bottle pocket


-Weighs 3 pounds

-10.2 x 7.6 x 36.3 inches dimension

5. Best Carry Golf Bag: Guiote Golf Staff Bag

See Amazon Price

This Guiote Golf Staff Bag shows a patriotic statement and owning one makes you walk carrying it with full pride. The Guiote premium staff bag is always loved by many leading professionals due to its unique design and durability.

It is a high-end bag that has been well designed to cater for the needs of every serious player amateurs and professionals. Made with great craftsmanship, it is durable and worthy to have. It is a 6-way top divider with 7 pockets for ample storage space including dual accessory pockets and valuables pocket with velour lining to protect your valuables. You can zip off the belly panel so that you can customize it. This bag features a 3-point adjustable sling suspension and a strap with foam padding for comfort when carrying it. It features a step-down design that makes removal and replacement easy with the cub visibility.

What we loved

-Zippered rain hood

-Zip-off belly panel for customization

-Step-down design

-7 pockets

-3-point adjustable sling suspension with foam-padded strap

-Velour lined valuables pocket

-American flag

6. Best Patriots Golf Bag: Burton USA Staff Bag 

See Amazon Price

For a patriotic golfer looking for a staff bag with the USA flag, we have you covered. This is just the perfect bag for you. It makes a patriotism statement and whenever carrying it, you will do it with pride.

Burton USA staff bag is an awesome bag with a satin embroidered finish that makes it attractive. It is a 6-way top with velour padding to protect your gears and features full-length dividers to ensure that your clubs are well organized, do not rattle and becomes easy for you to remove and place them back easily. With 6 pockets, these are just enough to accommodate all you need for the game while the bottom of the bag is molded, durable and can stand firmly on the ground. The bag comes with a matching rain hood and a hidden umbrella well to hold your umbrella for bag protection from the harsh weather conditions. This bag has been made with textures and durable Buffalo vinyl to make it long lasting.

What we loved

-6-Way velour padded top

-Full-length dividers

-Durable molded bottom

-6 pockets

-Matching rain hood

-An umbrella well

-Made of durable Buffalo vinyl


-12 x 15 x 36.5 inches dimension

7. Best Lightweight Staff Golf bag: Wilson Golf- Staff Ionix Light Carry Golf Bag

If looking for the light staff carry golf bag for the course, then look no further because this Wilson Ionix Carry Golf Bag is the best staff golf bag for you. The bag weighs 6.9 pounds making it the best lightweight staff golf bag.

It is 5-way top and features 2 full-length dividers for good club organization, minimized crowding and for easy retrieval. Its handle is made of rubber to make it easy to dismantle it off your shoulders. The double ergonomic strap is 4-point to ensure a comfortable backpack fit so that you can carry it in all rounds by yourself.

There are 5 pockets including a full-length garment, 2 large accessories, valuables with water repellent zipper, a large ball pocket to fit the balls you need for the game, and two pockets placed outside one being a mesh sleeve and big open pocket. This light weight golf bag also features an umbrella holder, rain hood, Velcro glove attachment, and a towel ring. When you get yourself this bag you will surely appreciate it.

What we loved

-5-way top

-Full-length dividers

-Double ergonomic 4-point strap

-Rain hood

-Umbrella holder and towel ring

-Water resistant valuables zipper pocket

-2 large accessory pockets and a big ball pocket

What we did not like

-The 5 pockets may not be enough for some golfers


-36 x 12 x 14 inches dimension

8. Best Ladies Staff Golf bag: Srixon Golf- Tour Staff Bag

See Amazon Price
This Srixon Golf-Tour staff Bag is 5-way top with one full-length divider for good club organization. It has a unique design featuring a TPU side logo and 7 pockets to provide you with an ample storage space. The ladies staff golf bag has all the necessary features women’s would require as they play their game including a beautiful design and large pockets to store their items.

The insulated cooler pockets enable you to carry your drink and have it cold for long and velour-lined waterproof zipper valuables pocket to keep all your fragile valuables safe. You can customize it by detaching the belly panel and be able to carry it comfortably with the help of a single shoulder strap. The ergonomic rubber foot base enables that bag to stand stably on the ground without falling or damaging the bag. This bag features an integrated umbrella sleeve to ensure your bag is safe from the rain and the rays of the sun.

What we loved

-One full-length divider

-Insulated cooler pockets

-Detachable belly panel to allow customization

-7 pockets

-Ergonomic rubber foot

-Unique design

-Single shoulder strap

-water proof and valuables pocket with velour lining


-36 x 15 x 12 inches dimension

-Weighs 12.3 pounds

9. Best Men’s Staff Golf bag: Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Cg Staff Bag

See Amazon Price

This Cleveland 2018 Men’s Cg Staff Bag is 6-way top, 9.5 inches with pockets providing you with a lot of storage space. If you’re looking for the best golf staff bag for men, this is the best bag for you as it is made specifically for men golfers.

This durable golf bag has 2 velour-lined valuables pockets to hold all your fragile valuables from any damage and a magnetic belly pocket at the top. There are also 2 water bottle packets integrated to enable you. The single strap has a single-way connection so you can throw over the shoulder to carry it with ease and stylish dual and ergonomic molded handle to move it easily. This bag features a hidden umbrella sleeve and a vented side apparel pocket which is an extra space for storing your stuff. For every man who is looking for that stylish staff bag, this has been designed for you.

What we loved

-9 pockets

-Single connection strap

-2 velour-lined valuables pocket

-Magnetic belly pocket

-2 water bottle packets integrated

-A molded and a stylish dual ergonomic handle


-Weighs 13.9 lbs

36 x 15 x 15 inches dimension

10. Best Stand Golf Bag: Golf Staff Bag Rogue Staff Stand Bag

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This bag combines the look and feels of a staff bag with a carry bag to give you this amazing Callaway Golf Staff Bag.

The staff stand bag features full-length apparel pocket for extra storage space, velour-lined valuables pocket to keep safe all your valuables, a logo ball pocket, and a Tour branding. Its foot pads are non-slippery to prevent it from sinking or slipping and an ergonomic molded handle that makes it easy to move or lift it. There are 7 pockets including the valuables pockets which will hold all the stuff you need for the game and a soft hip pad that makes it comfortable when it sits on the hip. The bag also comes with a full-size rain hood. Callaway does not disappoint in the bags they design and picking this will be the best choice.

What we loved

-Soft hip pad

-Velour-wrapped dividers

-Non-slip foot pads

-7 pockets with velour-lined valuables pocket

-Ergonomic molded handle

-Full-size rain hood


-Weighs 6.4 pounds

-10.8 x 12.5 x 37.2 inches

11. Best Leather Staff Golf Bag: Paul Frank Julius Staff Bag

See Amazon Price

If you’re looking for the best leather staff golf bag, Paul Frank Julius Staff Bag is the best golf bag to purchase. It is made of the luxurious PU Patent leather that is durable and rich.

The leather golf bag is also very stylish with a multicolor stripe design. The bag is also small compared to other staff golf bags and you can be able to comfortably carry the bag. The golf bag is also cheap and it will only cost you under $300 to own it.

It has a 5-way divider top and you can be able to carry your clubs comfortably with good organization. It is durable and you can use it for a long time without wear and tear.

What we loved


Stylish design


What we didn’t like

Small in size

Buyer’s Guide: Features to check when purchasing a Golf Staff Bag

Staffs bags are also referred to as Tour bags and are made with heavy materials and high-quality leather to enable them to withstand the harsh weather and any wear or tear. Compared to a carry or cart bag, Staff bag comes with additional features.

The additional features that are crucial include:

Cooler pockets – these ensure that your drinks are always kept cool for a long time especially during summer. You can enjoy the cold drink after the game while chatting with your buddies.

Integrated umbrella sleeves – In every weather condition be it sunny or rainy, it is always crucial that your bag is protected. Your bag will be safe from the rain and the harsh sun rays making it last longer.

Lower assist handles – these are very helpful in enabling you to lift and move your bag more easily to a cart or to the trunk of your car. Even as you go around the course, this can help a lot.

Tripod stand-out legs – whenever you place your bag on the ground, your bag is able to pop out and stand out sturdily on the ground so as to give you ample time in taking that swing without having to hold your bag.

Balanced base – having a balanced base ensures that the bag can stand sturdily on the ground on its own without falling or even having supportive legs.

Who Should Use a Staff Bag?

Staff carriers are not essential for playing every day since they are larger and heavier to fit on a traditional cart. However, if you have a riding cart that is large enough to accommodate your staff bag, then you can have it since it will be strapped every time you play. In case you don’t have a golf cart but rather a caddy, then this will be good for you since you don’t have to worry about getting tired of carrying it.

Important considerations

As a golfer who is considering purchasing a staff bag, ask yourself the questions below in order to make an informed decision

– Whether you prefer carrying your own full set of tees, club sets or balls from one hole to another and on your back

-If you need a lot of pockets to accommodate extra accessories such as your valuables, rain hood or umbrellas

-Do you play golf as a competitive game rather than just for a hobby?

-Whether you will use a pull, push or riding a cart or will hire a caddy to help you carry the bag

If your answer to the questions above is yes, then consider buying yourself a staff bag since it has been specifically designed to meets such needs. These bags boost the performance of every golfer, protects all gears and above all it is long lasting because the materials used to make it are of a higher quality.


If you take golf to be a serious game, then I assure you that having a staff bag will be the wisest decision as it ensures that you have an easy life in playing golf and for boosting your confidence. Do not hesitate on buying this because you will never regret since it meets all your golfing needs. At Golfbagsy, we want the best for you that is why we went on a mission to ask more on our friends, neighbors and some family members on their experiences with the staff bags they were using. The bags we have reviewed have received positive comments from the users that is why we decided to share it with you to help you make quick informed decisions. Ensure that the bag you choose meets your needs. With many staff bags in the market today, we hope that you will find one here that suits your needs.

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