For a quick introduction, golf is commonly referred to as a gentleman’s game. Golfers are expected to follow the guidelines and rules of the sport whether or not someone is watching. It is a popular game and you will find it well received worldwide. Golf is played on a big outdoor golf course that covers a ground measuring between 30 and 200 acres. The main aim of the game is to push a small hard golf ball into a sequence of holes with the few possible strokes as possible using iron-tipped sticks that we refer to as golf clubs.

I have heard people asking if golf is a game that would help them work-out and get to burn some calories or is it just a leisure game meant for the moneyed in society. Some argue that golfing doesn’t involve a lot of exercises compared to other sports such as rugby or American football and it is almost difficult for someone to burn fat while playing golf. Thus, I have written this article to highlight the health and physical benefits of playing golf.

For those who have played golf, it is factual to say that golfing is both physically demanding and mental inspiring. A round of playing golf means that you’re moving and walking at a pace of about 7km for numerous hours at a time, carrying a top golf bag, and continuously using your brain for the various psychological challenges that you face. Thus, to successfully complete a challenge, the body and the mind will be greatly involved.

Importance of Playing Golf

1. Lessen Stress

There are times you feel that you have been stressed either by your job or social life. Golf being an outdoor game will help you meet other people who you can interact and share your interest and you can get to enjoy the game and forget about your plight. It has also been found that a game of golf would induce the release of endorphins which is a chemical released in our brains to make you feel relaxed and happy.

2. Burn Calories

Walking in an expansive golf course of between 30 to 200 acres means that you’ll do a lot of walking and proper exercise that will ensure that you burn your calories properly. It is important to skip out riding your golf cart and walk on an average course that measures about 6-7 Kms. If you decide to carry your own golf bag under 500 and clubs, the more calories you will be able to burn. The walk, carrying a bag, and swinging your club as you take your shot is a sure way of burning calories up to 1000 in a game.

3. Better Sleep

When golfing, you will get to exercise by walking and performing other activities such as hitting the ball and chances that your body will get tired is guaranteed. Thus, when the night comes and you will get your long deserved sleep. Golfers are able not only able to fall asleep faster but to also sleep for long hours. If you’re able to get good sleep, your body will be able to regenerate cells and repair any worn out tissues and muscles.

4. Improves Heart Health

Any physical exercise such as golfing will help the blood to pump well in your heart. While walking with your bag on your back as it swings will help to surge your blood flow and increase your heart rate. Thus, when combined with a good lifestyle and healthy diet, golfing can reduce your risk of getting diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, and stroke. It will also lessen heart ailments as it lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

5. Stimulates the Brain

A regular daily walk will strengthen the memory circuit of the brains. An increase in the heart rate will ensure that enough blood flows to your brain and this can greatly enhance nerve cell connections and postpone mental ailments such as dementia. Also, as a golfer, you battle with others for best scores and this type of challenge enhances confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, the mental activity that is entailed in tallying scores, enhancing strategies, and promoting the coordination of hand-eye will ensure that the brain is active in logical roles.

6. Low Injury Game

Golfing is a leisure sport that entails low-impact event when compared to other games. Thus, the risk of injury while playing the sport is low as there is no contact between different players that can result to harm. Thought the game is considered more of accuracy and coordination, there is a lot of swinging, pivoting, and walking that will ensure that your muscles are engaged. However, ensure that you wear good quality golf shoes as you walk down the course.

7. Enhances vision

It requires a golfer some good vision in order to zoom and see a little white ball that is years away. The golfers will learn to aim at small targets while they are in a long distance. Thus, they must always be coordinate hand-eye coordination and evaluate on their vision so as to achieve their targets.

8. Contact to the Outdoors

Golf is an outdoor activity that ensures that a golfer is exposed to the lovely Mother Nature. Golfing provides an opportunity to bask in the sun and the body to get the much needed Vitamin D from the sun for enhancing bone growth, lessening the risk of depression, and ensure that you don’t get exposed to other ailments.

9. Toughen the Bladder

There are a lot of people who do not know that golfing strengthens the bladder. It is a bit astounding but it deserves noting that golfing toughens your bladder. A golfer would frequently visit the beer-cart girl and this can offer your bladder a run for time. The frequent fill of the bladder will force you to learn how to hold for a long time before you run to the toilet and this will strengthen the capacity of your bladder.

10. Advance Relationships

Golf is an extremely socially enjoyable game that creates a healthy relationship. It is a nice way to keep in touch with family and friends and offers a new way of meeting some new people and aid connect to a circle of friends with the same interest. There is plenty of time walking and catching up and discussing important business issues. Research has shown that a great number of deals are closed on the expansive golf course.


Golf is a great game that has numerous health and social benefits. The article has explored on 10 health benefits of playing golf and it has explained each benefit in a detailed manner. Thus, golf can help you exercise and workout your body just like any other sport. It is advisable to carry your golf carrier as you walk the course to increase calories burnout. The only difference is that while with golfing, you can be able to create numerous friends and business networks. It is also a low injury game with few injuries and that makes it a great sport.

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