What is the best age for a child to play golf?


A frequently asked question by parents who would love to introduce their kids to golfing is, “What is the best age to start golf lessons?” I have been asked this question countable time and I believe it’s a serious question that requires a serious reply. This article will tell you why it is a serious question. Also, it will give you a brief history of one of the greatest golfers (Tiger Woods) of all times and when he started to play the game.

Why is it a serious question?

Golfing is not usually a physical game such as American Football or Golfing where a person can be easily hurt. However, a kid requires to mature enough so that they can understand how various moving objects in the golf course can inflict physical harm to their body. For instance, a 3-year kid may not understand that a golf club swing or a moving golf ball can inflict severe physical damage.

The Truth about kick-starting or ending a golfing career

There is no specific age that a person should commence or end his golfing career. There are those parents in an attempt to create a legend like Tiger Woods would introduce their kid to golf at the age of 2 years. Golf club companies are developing clubs that are suited for kids who are aged 18 to 3 years.

Golfing is unlike football where a person would retire from professional football at around 40 years of age. In golf, you will find a player who is 100 years participating in various golfing events. Gus Andreone is one such player who hit his first hole in 1939 and he is considered the oldest player to sink one at the age of 103.

Another such example is Jack Evans, the oldest golfer in Britain who is aged 100 and started golfing at the age of 67. The golfer has won several cups and trophies making it clear that there is no restriction in the age when it comes to golf.

The Amazing Story of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born in 1975. He was introduced into golfing at a tender age of 2 years by his dad who he considers as a mentor. Tiger made his TV first appearance on the Mike Douglas show with his dad when he was aged 2. Tiger was already winning tournaments against older kids at the age of 5 years. His swing then is very comparable to his swing today. At 19 years, he was winning major tournaments and he was set to become the best golf player in the world.

This suggests that introducing your kid to the game early can make him love the game. However, only discipline and hard work can help them improve and maintain impressive performance. Tiger admits that his practice sessions were extensive in his teens and he would spend up to 8 hours per day on the golf course practicing swings and different shots. Thus, success will come if your kid is ready to practice more and maintain a proper work ethics.

My Suggestion on the Correct Age to start Golfing

Introduce your kid to golfing as early as 2.5 years. It can be done in your compound by buying a golf hitting net that would help the kid to practice and learn how to play the game. Then, when they’re 5 years old and have learned on observing certain rules and taking precautions, you can take them to the golf course. Nonetheless, you still need to take care of them until they’re mature enough to take care of themselves while golfing.

4 Things that your Kid must learn so as to become a Pro Golfer

Stance – It is important that you teach your kid about a proper stance. A stance is the way a person stands or his posture. It is important to note that without a proper stance, it would be exceptionally hard for your kid to perform essential golf swing that will stick for years to come.

Posture – A good posture provides the best position necessary to craft a golf swing. If your kid learns to have a good posture, the skill will enhance their game for years to come.

Grip – There is no single perfect grip but if your kid can master one of the popular grips that he feels comfy with and stick to it, this will help them to become pro golfers. The two best golf grips to teach your kid include interlocking and overlapping where your kid can try both to see which grip works for them.

Swing Plane – The swing plane is the essential building block for the best golf swing. It entails a strategy of swinging the club the right patch around your body. If you can ensure that your kid gets the correct golf swing plane, this will offer them an excellent foundation for the rest of their golfing future.

Best Golf Tips for Kids: How to teach your Kid to be a pro golfer

i) Ensure that they’ve fun learning the game

It is important to ensure that your child enjoys the game from the start by ensuring they’re having fun. As much as you want your kid to develop an interest in the game, you need to recall that playing golf to your kid is just a game.

ii) Teach them vital principles of golfing

The first teaching of the game does not start with hitting the ball with a club. It starts with teaching your child the principles of the game as the most superb facts about the game is enshrined in its principles. The fundamental principles are that golf is a gentleman’s game or an honorable game and they must at all time have etiquette and adhere to the rules of the game.

iii) Find a Good Instructor

After your kid has learned on the principles and rules of the games, you can find a good instructor to help them learn on playing the game. Finding a good instructor can start from your local area by searching on a PGA professional in your place.

iv) Find the right junior equipment

It is important that you buy golf equipment that is made for kids. The major golf equipment manufacturers make junior sets that have a golf club and golf bag that are all made to suit your kids need. If you introduce your kids to wrong golfing equipment such as golf clubs, they will definitely develop bad swing as they’re heavy, cumbersome and unbalanced.

v) A Good Golf Course for your Kid

There are many golf courses that accommodate junior golfers – most of the golf courses. The golf course usually set specified time when the juniors are permitted to play and it is important to note that. I would suggest that you confirm if the golf course near you to accommodates kids and get some reviews from people who have taken their kids there to play.

vi) Buy your Kid Golfing Apparel

It is important that you buy your kids golfing clothes such as hats, shirts, and sneakers that are tailor-made for girls and boys of all ages.

vii) Keep the lesson short

A kid is just a kid and you cannot force them to handle more if they’ve not shown such capabilities. Start with half an hour of golf lesson and you can progress with time.

viii) Don’t Push Them

In case they seem like they’re not interested, do not push them. If they feel like they want to watch TV or do some other stud, do not push them to practice. Slowly they will gain interest in golfing if they’re convinced it’s fun to play the game.

Final Thought

Golfing is a great sport that has social and health benefits. It is important that the kids get to learn about golfing at an early age. However, if your kid is not interested in the game at an early age, you can reintroduce them later as this is a lifetime game with no retirement age. In case you’re an adult and you would want to buy best golf bags, you can read on the detailed review and make the correct choice.

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