15 important things you should always have in your golf bag


Apart from the obvious golf gears required to play on the course, there are some other items that matter on the golf course and they should always be in your golf bag since you may need to use the items time to time. The list helps you to ensure you have everything you will need in your carrier to avoid a situation where you are in dire need and you don’t have them. Make sure you carry these items with you every time.

15 items to have in your Golf Bag while on the Course

1. Tees

In order to make that fantastic shot, always make sure to have enough tees to place your ball on it. Your ball will be stable and positioned stationery, thus, making you take a clear shot.

2. Towel

Having a clean towel during the summer or rainy season is a necessity. During summer, your hands will sweat a lot which may make it hard to take a short but having a clean towel helps to see that you wipe your hands, face and the clubs to be dry. When rainy, you will experience a lot of mud and you can use it to wipe club heads, or balls in order to enjoy the game. Ensure that your towel is clean all the time.

3. Energy bars

Being energized when on the course makes you be sharp throughout. These are important to always have so that when you are hungry you will have something to eat while playing. Energy bars are often easy to eat, clean and quick to avoid wasting much time eating.

4. Gloves

When taking a swing with a bare hand almost every day, it may hurt your hand at times especially if going for many rounds and having a glove will greatly help avoid having blisters.

5. Sunscreen

It is important to have especially during summer to avoid having sunburns since you will be spending almost the whole day outside. Even during rainy season, just have it so that in case it becomes sunny you will avoid the embarrassment of having to borrow from others.

6. Water

Apart from carrying beer in the beverage pocket, carry water with you because there is a higher chance of dehydration when sunny and it is always good to drink from your own bottle. It is light so you don’t have to worry about weight.

7. Extra socks

These are essential so that in case your feet become wet you can change the socks and continue with the game comfortably. This also prevents ending up having cold feet. Bring extra ones with you since they do not consume space.

8. Extra shirts

This is necessary because you will sweat and there is no way you will wear the same shirt home. Always have about two extra shirts in your bag. Also, consider having extra spikes.

9. Medical kit

This is a must have since you may be injured or have a headache during the game and you won’t like any interruption or discomfort at all. When you need first aid this will help to make sure to always have it with you.

10. Golfer’s tape

These are essential when it is too hot and you can’t put on gloves. They are light and easy to wear. This will protect your fingers from getting blisters.

11. Bluetooth speaker

In case you love listening to music while playing, then this will be good to have. With a portable Bluetooth, you can listen to music you love by playing it from the phone.

12. Umbrella

Make sure to have an umbrella so that in case of the weather changes, you will be ready for it. This ensures that all your equipment will be safe.

13. Bug spray

It may be surprising but because you will be playing in the field with grass, the probability of bugs being there is high. You can use it if a bug starts to climb your body to avoid messing your shot.

14. Business cards

If you are a businessman or woman, carry as many cards as you can since you can make friends and get business deals or even clients when on the course.

15. Divot Fixer

It is used to repair pitch marks or ball marks in putting green. They are left if the ball plops onto a green therefore leaving a depression.

Final Remarks

There may be other items that you need in your golf bag under 200 so that you can enjoy your game. However, the following 15 items explained in this article are the most necessary items to have on the golf course.

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