Golfers rejoice! The quest for the perfect golf driver is over. We’ve found the longest golf drivers on the market and we’re going to share them with you.

What is the longest golf driver?

The longest golf driver is the one that offers maximum power, control and accuracy. It’s important to understand your personal preferences when selecting a driver, so take time to do research, ask questions and try out different clubs if possible.

To help you on your quest for the perfect driver, we’ve put together this guide of the longest golf drivers on the market. We’ve chosen these based on feedback from experts and amateurs alike, so you can be sure you’re getting a reliable piece of equipment when you purchase one of these clubs.

Why get a long golf driver?

Long golf drivers offer more power and distance, allowing you to get the ball closer to the hole with each shot. More powerful drives also mean fewer strokes, which can help lower your overall score. A longer driver is also likely to be more accurate than a shorter one, so if you’re looking for consistency in your game then this could be the club for you.

Why not just get a regular driver?

While a standard driver may work for some golfers, those looking to get the most out of their game should consider investing in a longer driver. The extra power and control offered by long drivers makes them well worth the money. Plus, they are often more visually appealing too!

How to use long golf drivers:

Using a long golf driver is not much different from using any other type of driver. You will still want to take a full swing and make sure you follow through with the club head. The main difference is that you’ll want to focus on keeping your arms extended as much as possible throughout the swing, as this will help generate maximum power.

Finally, always make sure you’re standing in the correct posture and have your feet firmly planted on the ground for better stability and accuracy.

Which brands/companies make the longest golf drivers?

There are several companies that make high-quality long drivers. Some of the best include TaylorMade, Callaway and Titleist. All three companies offer an array of clubs to suit all types of golfers, from beginner to advanced.

TaylorMade offers a range of drivers, including the M2, M4 and R15 models. All three have been designed to maximize distance and accuracy, making them ideal for experienced players.

Callaway is another popular brand that produces long golf drivers. The Epic and XR models are both recommended by pros and amateurs alike, with many claiming they are the longest golf drivers on the market.

Titleist also make a range of long drivers, including the TS2, TS3 and 917 D2 models. All three boast great accuracy and power, making them perfect for all levels of golfer.

Factors to consider when choosing the longest golf drivers:

When choosing the longest golf driver, there are a few factors to consider.


Your personal preference will play a big role in which club you choose, so make sure you take the time to try out different clubs and get a feel for them.

Spin Rate:

Spin rate is important, as it determines how much spin the ball will have when making contact with the club. The more spin a golf ball has, the farther it can fly.

Club head size:

The larger the club head size, the more power it is likely to generate. However, too large of a driver could cause your swing speed to suffer, so try to find a club with the right balance of power and control.


Loft is another important factor to consider when choosing a driver, as it will determine how much spin you get on your shots. Higher lofted drivers are better for beginners, while experienced players may want to opt for lower lofts for more accuracy.


The design of the driver can also affect your performance. Look for a club that has an aerodynamic design to reduce drag, as well as weighting in the head for improved stability.


Finally, consider how much you are willing to spend on a driver. Generally speaking, the more expensive drivers will offer better performance and longer distances. However, if you’re just starting out then you may want to opt for a cheaper option until your game improves.

The Longest Golf Drivers:

1. TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver:

Ball Speed: 166.7mph Spin: 2,298rpm Carry Distance: 288yds 

This driver has a large clubhead and is designed to generate maximum power, making it one of the longest drivers on the market. It also has an adjustable loft so you can customize your shots to suit your game.

In a series of tests done by todays golfer, the writer noted that they had not seen a driver with low spin outperform its competitors by 12 yards of carry in their 15-year golf career. Usually, once our pros’ data has been averaged out, there is rarely more than a handful of yards difference between the top models. And usually, that small performance gap can be easily explained away with “the data could be reversed or slightly different if the test was done on another day.” But double-digit gains in carry distance are unheard of–until this year.

In comparison to other low-spin drivers on the market, the Stealth produced a ball speed that was 1.1mph faster. By 12 yards, it was also the longest driver in its category (beating out competition by three yards). Additionally, the Plus model did an excellent job at protecting ball speed loss on off-centre hits and second best at minimising carry distance drop-offs (only beaten by PXG’s 0811 Gen4 X by two yards).

2. Callaway Rogue ST Max driver:

Ball Speed: 165.7mph Spin: 2,524rpm Carry Distance: 285yds 

The Rogue ST Max driver is designed to help you hit longer, straighter drives. It has a slightly smaller head size than the TaylorMade Stealth Plus and offers plenty of forgiveness too. Additionally, it has adjustable loft and face angle settings so you can customize your shots as needed.

In comparison tests done by GolfWRX, the Rogue ST Max driver was the fastest in its category with a ball speed of 165.7 mph. It was also the longest driver, beating out competition by three yards of carry distance (285 yards). Additionally, it did a great job at protecting ball speed loss on off-centre hits and maintained good carry distances despite higher spin rates.

3. Cobra King LTDx driver:

Ball Speed: 165.7mph Spin: 2,418rpm Carry Distance: 280yds 

The Cobra King LTDx driver is one of the longest drivers on the market and features an adjustable hosel design. It also has a 460cc titanium head with a lightweight carbon fibre crown that helps to reduce drag, allowing for faster swing speeds.

In addition to the great performance, we likes of the bullet-shaped head because it looks fast and easy to control. And engineers have removed the ridge that went around previous models’ CNC-milled faces.

This reduces the driver’s overall weight, which allows it to feel light and fast in your hands.

In comparison tests done by Golf Digest, the King LTDx driver produced a slightly slower ball speed than its competitors but was still able to maintain impressive carry distances of up to 280 yards. Additionally, it had one of the lowest spin rates in its category and performed excellently when it came to protecting ball speed loss on off-centre hits.

Overall, the Cobra King LTDx driver offers great performance at a reasonable price point. So if you’re looking for one of the longest drivers around, then this is definitely worth considering.

4. Ping G425 Max driver 

Ball Speed: 162.9mph Spin: 2,640rpm Carry Distance: 279yds 

The Ping G425 Max driver is designed to provide maximum distance with a low spin rate. It also has a unique aerodynamic head shape and variable thickness face that makes it more efficient through the air. Additionally, it has an adjustable hosel design so you can customize your settings as needed.

Last year, we put the driver to the test. Its full titanium head wasn’t quite as fast or long-hitting as some of the other drivers on the market, but it was our best option for protecting against carry drop-off. Our pro saw just seven yards between his longest and shortest shots with this driver—that’s consistent performance that a lot of club golfers can appreciate. And this year’s model is even better!

Longest Driver Ever:

In 1992, at the Texas Open, Carl Cooper made headlines when he hit the unofficial longest drive in golf history. His ball flew past the green towards the sixth tee before bouncing and coming to a stop behind the twelfth green—a total of 787 yards!

Read the 5 longest drivers ever here.

Longest Driver records for Women vs men:

The longest drive ever hit by a woman was recorded in 2018 during the Women’s British Open. American golfer Brittany Altomare hit her drive an impressive 335 yards, which is longer than most men’s drives!

Meanwhile, the men’s record for the longest drive is held by Mike Austin who hit a 515-yard drive during the 1974 US National Seniors Open.


What is a driver in golf?

A driver is a type of golf club designed to propel the ball off the tee. It typically has a large head size, long shaft, and low-lofted face angle which makes it suitable for hitting longer shots from the tee box.

What’s the advantage of having a long golf driver?

Having a long golf driver means that you can hit longer, straighter drives, which in turn can help you maximize your distance off the tee. Additionally, many modern drivers are designed with adjustable hosel designs and variable thickness faces to reduce spin rates and improve forgiveness on less-than-perfect shots.

What is the longest golf driver?

The longest golf drivers on the market are the TaylorMade Stealth Plus, Callaway Rogue ST Max driver, and Cobra King LTDx driver. All of these drivers have impressive carry distances and offer plenty of forgiveness too. When choosing the right driver, it’s important to look at the total package and determine which one is best for your specific game. I personally recommend testing out a few of these drivers and seeing what works best for you.

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