There are several leather golf bag collections at different prices available in the market today. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, there is a bag specifically designed for you.

In our other review of the most expensive golf bags available on the market, we found that those made from leather sourced from alligators and crocodiles are the most expensive models. Leather golf bags make you look stylish. It may be hard deciding which brand to go with that is why in this article we decided to review the five best leather bags to help you find yours quickly.

A leather golf bag provides unparalleled style and luxury. It will last a lifetime compared to other types of golf bags. As you walk on the golf course, you will experience a touch of class and pride that you have to give your golf clubs the best home. Owning such a bag will not only make you a center of attraction but you will be receiving compliments from other golfers from time to time.

Our Quick Comparison Table of 9 Best Leather Golf Bag

Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Golf BagBest leather Sunday Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Piel Leather Deluxe Golf BagBest Custom Leather Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Kofull Golf Genuine Leather Wheeled BagBest Leather Golf Bag for MenSee Amazon Price
Guiote PU Leather White House Staff Golf BagBest Leather Golf Staff BagSee Amazon Price
Piel Leather Driving Range Golf Caddy, Chocolate, One SizeCheap Leather Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Kofull Golf Club Genuine Leather Wheeled Bag Store 13 clubs Golf Stand Carry Bag For MenBest Leather Golf Stand BagSee Amazon Price
Ladies Classic Mocha Cart BagBest Women’s Leather Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Sun Mountain 2016 Leather Cart BagBest Leather Cart BagSee Amazon Price
BELDING American Collection Vintage Carry/Cart BagBest Vintage Leather Golf BagSee Amazon Price

9 Top-rated Leather Golf Bags in 2022

1. Best Leather Sunday Golf Bag:

Sun Mountain Leather Collection Sunday Golf Bag

This Sun Mountain golf bag is best for a cart bag or even carrying since it has a single strap. The quality of the leather is good hence it will last for long. It has been crafted with the best Yak leather that gives it a unique style and rich game tradition.

This Sun Mountain leather golf bag has been designed just like the golf bags in the early years. Modern lightweight components have been used in order to minimize the weight to only weigh around 5 lbs which makes it easy to carry around.

The top is 9 inches and has four full-length dividers to ensure good organization of your clubs for easy retrieval and placing them back. Its top is wrapped with leather to ensure that your club shafts are well protected while the valuables pocket is deep and has a velour lining for the safety of your valuables such as phone, watch and others. The adjustable shoulder strap and the lift assist handle at the top and bottom make it easy to carry around and lift. This bag also comes with an umbrella holder.

What we loved


-Easy to carry

-Made from high-quality leather

-Durable and stylish

-Four full-length dividers

-Deep velour-lined valuables pocket

-Adjustable shoulder strap

-Lift assist handle


-Weighs 8 pounds

-Dimension: 36 x 13 x 10 inches

2. Best Custom Leather Golf Bag:

Piel Leather Deluxe Golf Bag

2. Best Custom Leather Golf Bag: Piel Leather Deluxe Golf Bag

 See Amazon Price

This Piel Leather Deluxe Golf Bag is worth every penny and you don’t have to hesitate to buy it. It is a unisex bag which can be used by either men or women. The leather is thick, soft and durable saddle making it the best to have. This bag custom leather bag is handmade in Colombia with the best craftsmanship made with full grain leather.

There is plenty of storage space to accommodate all your accessories for the game. The top is six-way and is lined with fur and polyethylene tube construction for the safety of your club shafts. The quality leather bag has a shaft dividers is 3-way and full length to ensure your clubs are protected and are well organized. The two-way ball pocket enables you to carry enough extra balls for playing in many rounds. There is a full-length pocket at the belly and a smaller one at the top for extra storage space.

This bag has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry around and an umbrella slot to allow you carry an umbrella to protect your bag in harsh weather. It also comes with a detachable matching leather hood and is easy to use.

What we loved


-Shoulder strap

-Full-length shaft dividers

-Ample storage space

-Detachable leather hood

-Umbrella slot


-Weighs 15 pounds

-Dimension: 15 x 34 x 9 inches


3. Best Leather Golf Bag for Men:

Kofull Golf Club Genuine Leather Wheeled Bag Store 13 clubs Golf Stand Carry Bag For Men

 See Amazon Price

This Kofull Golf bag has been made from genuine leather making it scratch free and durable. The bag has been specifically been designed for men golfers who love stylish and unique leather bags.

It can hold 13 clubs and protect your clubs perfectly from any damage. With this bag, you don’t have to worry about carrying it or where you will find a cart because it has a telescopic rod and big wheels that enable you to pull it without getting tired from its weight. The quality of this bag is high; therefore, it will last for long and serve you better.

There are enough pockets to accommodate all your gears you need for the game. Once you step out with this bag, all your buddies will give it positive compliments and everyone at the course will shift their attention to you. This bag is also easy to use so never worry about it. Get yourself this bag today and enjoy the game with confidence.

What we loved

-Made from genuine leather


-High quality

-Scratch free

-Holds 13 clubs

-Has telescopic rod and wheels for pulling

-Enough storage space


-Weighs 5.05 kg

-Dimension: 49.21 x 36.22 x 15.35 inches

4. Best Leather Staff Golf Bag:

Guiote PU Leather White House Staff Golf Bag

4. Best Leather Staff Golf Bag: Guiote PU Leather White House Staff Golf Bag

 See Amazon Price

Guiote PU Leather white House Staff Golf Bag has been designed for professionals or golfers who are serious with the game. The foam padded strap and 3-point sling suspension make it easy and comfortable to carry. There are 7 pockets to hold your stuff together with two accessory pockets at the back of billboard panels and valuables pocket with velour lining to protect your valuables. You can easily remove the belly panel for personal customization.

This golf staff bag features a step-down design that makes removable and placing of clubs easier. As a flagship and billboard bag, it is the best choice for you if you are a professional or a serious amateur who plays in tournaments. It also comes with a zippered rain hood. Guiote PU is durable and very easy to use.

What we loved


-Easy to use

-Comfortable strap padded with foam

-Step-down design for easy removal and replacement of clubs

-7 pockets including 2 accessory pockets and velour-lined valuables pockets

-Includes a zippered rain hood

What we did not like

-Designed for professionals an serious amateurs

5. Cheap Leather Golf Bag:

Piel Leather Driving Range Golf Caddy, Chocolate, One Size

 See Amazon Price

Handcrafted in Colombia, this Piel Leather Driving Range Golf Caddy is perfect for you. It is made from full genuine grain leather extracted from high-quality cowhide that makes it high quality and durable bag.

Apart from having a classy look, this bag is able to absorb any oil from your hands to enable you to take a perfect swing. The cheap golf bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, it is easy to carry around the course while the easy carry handle enables you to move or lift it with ease. It can hold 7 or 9 clubs which are just enough to play the game. There is a detachable ball holder that makes it easy to remove or put back your balls. This Caddy Bag has enough storage space that will hold all your accessories for the game,

What we loved

-Made from full grain genuine leather

-High quality and durable bag

– Super lightweight


-Adjustable strap

-Easy carry handle

-Detachable ball holder


-Weighs 1 pound

-Dimension: 19 x 13 x 6 inches

6. Best Leather Golf Stand Bag:

Sun Mountain Leather Stand Bag

 See Amazon Price

Are you looking for a golf bag that you have retractable legs that can be able to stand in any terrain while you’re playing? This Sun Mountain Golf Bag is the best leather stand golf bag in the market.

The leather stand bag has a sturdy construction and materials that speak of the rich tradition of the golf sport. The construction combines traditions with technology and its legs are made of genuine fiber. Sun Mountain Leather stand bag is made of the finest Yak leather.

The bag has 9 dividers which four of them are full-length dividers. It has a leather-wrapped top that protects the club shafts and a single adjustable strap for carrying the bag easily. The bag has 5 pockets that entail three accessory pockets, a deep velour-lined valuable, a full-length clothing pocket.

What we loved

Unique design

Velour lined valuables protected

What we didn’t like

It doesn’t come with a rain hood


36 x 13 x 10 inches

8 pounds

7. Best Women’s Leather Golf Bag:

Ladies Classic Mocha Cart Bag

 See Amazon Price

You will all agree with me that women love items that are specifically made for them so that they can have a unique touch that cannot be addressed by those unisex or men’s items. This ladies leather golf bag is made to ensure that women are outstanding on the golf course.

The women’s golf bag is made for those ladies who prefer to ride a cart while playing. It has a distinctive style and it is made of the soft vegan leather that is easy to clean. The leather is waterproof and is fade resistant.

The quality leather bag has 14 full-length club dividers that make the arrangement of the clubs perfect. The bag has 8 large pockets that fit most of the essential items that you need in your golf course. The top front pocket of the bag has a removable monogram of your choice.

What we loved

-Watertight material

-Fade-resistant bag

-Large pockets

-Matching rain hood

-Umbrella and towel holder

-14Full-length club dividers

-10 side tee holders

What we didn’t like

No carry strap

8. Best Leather Cart Bag: 

Sun Mountain Leather Cart Bag G621344 (Navy/White/Red)

 See Amazon Price

This Sun Mountain Golf bag is the ideal golf club carrier for those who prefer riding on the golf cart while golfing. The golf was made to work perfectly on a riding cart and all features of the bag have been designed with the cart use in mind including the utility handles that are integrated into the top of the bag. The best leather cart bag has enough pockets to carry your valuables and a comfortable strap in case you decide to carry it on your shoulders.

What we loved

Pure Leather

Sturdy construction

Comfy handles and strap

What we didn’t like

Single strap


36 x 13 x 10 inches

Weighs 6.3 pounds

9. Best Vintage Leather Golf Bag:

BELDING American Collection Vintage Carry/Cart Bag with 4 Pockets

 See Amazon Price

If you’re a golfer looking for the best vintage leather golf bag, this is the best choice for you. The handcrafted bag is made in California and it is both a cart and a carry golf bag.

The BELDING vintage bag is 40% leather and 60% cotton. It is made of classic genuine design with harness leather spruce and wax canvas golf bag. The high-quality golf bag is ideal for a quick nine round of play or trip to the range. It has an 8-inch single pocket construction.

What we loved

-Sturdy construction

What we didn’t like

-Not 100% leather


-Weigh 3.6 pounds

What do you look for when buying the Best Leather Golf Bag?

Leather bags are designed with golfers in mind and are available in different styles and colors for you to choose from.


-Full size


-Driving range





What are the items to have or not to have in your bag?

As an amateur, it means that your ability to play is far much from that of a pro. Most golfers make mistakes on the things they should or should not have in their bags. For pros, they always know what they want, unlike amateurs who are curious to try everything yet it is not at their level.

A sharpie – ensure to purchase the small one to help you mark your balls due to mix-up which may happen on the course. Know how to mark it to enable you to find it easily when you want to use it.

Weight – if you carry a lot of stuff which makes your bag heavy yet you intend to walk, then you will need to reconsider the important things to carry. Just have a maximum of 10 tees, 7 balls, 2 ball markers, one towel and avoid an umbrella if it is not raining.

Your name on the bag – unless you are a professional who has a reserved spot in Tour event, avoid this if you are an amateur.

Many bag tags – Just one is good to have especially if from the club you belong to but if more than the one you need to remove them.

Old clubs – if your clubs have not been in use for the longest time then you may reconsider checking for other available newly designed clubs.

Rain glove – make sure you are always prepared for the rains by having rain gloves, jackets, pants or an umbrella since Mother Nature can be unforgiving sometimes. Gloves are also good if you sweat a lot.

GPS or rangefinder – this helps you know the exact distance to have a smooth game and play fast.

14-way dividers – this is not a must since you may need less than 14 clubs for your game. Pick a bag with dividers you think will suit you.

Ability matching clubs – when you decide to buy a club because you saw a pro you like use it yet you are an amateur, this is where you fail. They are heavy and needs one with experience so buy ones designed for beginners.

Sets not matching shots – ensure the clubs you take along serves the purpose you need. Find something else if you don’t always use it because poor shot yet you seem to have the best set is a shame.

Why buy a Leather Golf Bag?

Durability-its durability is incomparable hence assured that your Golf bag will last for long compared to other bags.

Style- the style is unique making you stand out among the many golfers around you. It will make you look stylish and receive attention from other golfers.

It is classy- this kind of bag gives you a pride of ownership and more confidence even in playing the game.

Good for your gears – this kind of a bag ensures that all your gears are well protected from any damage.


Leather Golf Bags gives you the best Golf bags in terms of style and color that will suit you. These bags are made from the best and high-quality materials making it reflect the spirit of the golf game. It features a natural texture and feeling which is the best part when it comes to golf fabric. This is featured in the bag’s craftsmanship, crinkle sound and the fresh smell of leather. As a golfer who loves class and style, a leather bag will be perfect for you. It is also made with durable materials that make it last for a long time. There are many other leather bags available but we hope that you will find one that suits you here. Grab one today and enjoy the game since it has been designed for you.

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