When it comes to playing golf, you need to find the style that works best for you as what works for one golfer may not apply to the others. Golf cart bags are designed for those golfers who do not enjoy or fancy walking on the course while carrying a golf bag. It is made for those who prefer either riding, push or pull a cart. This is the ideal way of playing the game when you arrive at the next hole feeling so fresh and with no fatigue. Pure Luxury!

Table of 10 Top-rated Cart Golf Bags

ProductBest For?Price
Sun Mountain 2022 Golf BagBest OverallSee Amazon Price
Founders Club Premium BagBest Cart Bag under $200See Amazon Price
Prosimmon 14 way Golf BagBest Cart Bag under $100See Amazon Price
Eagole Golf Cart BagBest Lightweight Cart BagSee Amazon Price
Cobra Cart Golf BagBest Cart Bags with insulated cooler pocketSee Amazon Price
TaylorMade Cart bagBest Cart Bag under $200See Amazon Price
Ogio Duchess Cart BagBest Ogio Cart BagSee Amazon Price
Callaway Golf Cart BagBest Callaway Cart BagSee Amazon Price
Ping Traverse Golf Cart BagBest Designed Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Hot-ZBest Cart with full-length dividersSee Amazon Price
GloveIt Women’s Golf BagBest Cart Bags for WomenSee Amazon Price

The reason why we have written this review is to ensure that you get the right information about the golf bags in the market so that you can make the best choice. It is common to find many different types of golf bags in the market and you get confused. There is a possibility that you can even end up making the wrong choices and buy an inferior cart bag. This article gives you 11 best-rated golf cart bags that would ensure you get value for your money. Most of them have been tested by our team and friends prior to this review and they’re of high quality.

Reviews of 11 Best Golf Cart Bags in 2022

1. Best Overall Golf Cart Bag 2022

Sun Mountain 2022 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain golf bags brands are known for their superiority in quality over years. This cart bags offer you the best features and you can never go wrong by buying this golf bag.

It is lightweight for ease of lifting and also durable. It features 14 full-length dividers for a better organization that ensure your clubs do not tangle. This best cart bag is easy to remove from the cart and has a new smart strap system with 2 Velcro straps that attach your bag to the cart as it moves.

It has 10 pockets where 2 are full-length apparel pockets, 3 valuables pocket with velour lining where and one a water-resistant pocket to ensure your valuables are protected at all time and a cooler pocket to keep your drink cold with facing forward easily accessible when on the cart.

Its putter well can accommodate a large grip. There is an umbrella holder that will help protect your bag when sun rays are too strong or when raining, hence, making it last longer while the towel ring allows you carry a towel so that you can wipe any dirt or debris to prevent any stains. If not yet decided on which kind of a cart bag to pick, then Sun Mountain has just the perfect bag for you. Additionally, this bag also comes with a matching rain hood.

What we loved about the golf bag

  • 10 pockets with cooler pocket, 3 valuables pockets, and 2 deep apparel pockets
  • Easily accessible forward-facing pockets
  • New smart strap system with 2 Velcro straps
  • The 14 Full-length club dividers
  • Umbrella holder
  • Towel ring and Matching rain hood


  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • 36 x 13 x 10 inches dimension

2. Best Cart Bag under 200:

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

Made by the Founders, this bag has been well designed to last for long and to fit golfers with a motorized golf cart. It has 14-way dividers for god club organization though not the full length it has full-length fabric designers and your clubs won’t tangle or damage at all. This best golf bag under 200 features a fur lined valuable pocket that protects your fragile valuables such as a watch, phone etc. There are several handles to enable you to move to the cart easily, a nicely padded strap for comfortable and an insulated cooler pocket so you can drink it when cold.

It has an umbrella holder that has been mounted at the back anchored by 3 points. A 3.0 putter grip can perfectly fit putter hole but if larger than that it won’t. Storage space is more plenty to fit all you need to hit the course with 10 zipper and 2 mesh pockets. It is made of high-quality materials, thus, lasting longer. There are Tee and Ball pockets, rainhood and umbrella to protect your bag from the rain and harsh sun. This bag will be worth your money so don’t hesitate to buy.

What we loved

  • 14-way dividers
  • Valuables pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Padded carry strap
  • Umbrella slot and drawstring
  • Glove holder
  • Durable
  • Rainhood
  • Tee and ball pockets
  • 10 zipper pockets and 2 mesh pockets

What we did not like

  • The club dividers are not full length
  • You should keep a closer look at the clubs so that they can’t fall


  • Weighs 9.5 pounds

3. The Best and Cheapest golf cart bag under 100:

PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

This PROSiMMON Tour Cart Golf Bag is perfect for a cart and travel since it is lightweight and features 3 full-length dividers with 4 section where 2 fits 3 clubs and 2 accommodating 4 clubs. Your clubs are well organized, do not tangle nor do the grips damage. The putter holder is full length to accommodate your large grip.

The golf cheap bag has plenty of storage space for your gears and a big insulated pocket so that your drink will still be cold especially when sunny. The putter tube is placed outside to enable your large headed putter to fit well and a golf towel ring to enable you wipes dirt from your pocket to prevent it staining. Its external umbrella strap ensures that your bag is always safe from the strong rays of the sun and the rain, hence, lasts longer.

What we loved

  • 14-way dividers
  • Ample storage capacity
  • Valuables pocket with a fur lining
  • 2 side pockets that are full length
  • External putter tube
  • Rainhood
  • Tee pocket
  • Deep ball pocket
  • Umbrella strap placed outside and a golf towel ring
  • Velcro glove holder

What we did not like

  • There are no 14 full-length dividers but rather 3


  • Weighs 5.3 lbs.

4. Best Lightweight Golf Cart Bag:

EG EAGOLE Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag

This EG EAGOLE Cart bag is lightweight, stylish and durable. The lightweight golf bag provides a lot of storage space to accommodate all your gears and is a 14 way top and full-length divider bag to ensure that your clubs are well organized, do not tangle and are easy to retrieve or put back. In case the clubs tangle, move your club to the slot you want to use in order for it to go down smoothly.

The bag has a lot of pockets with side pockets being easily accessible when on the cart and front ball pocket able to hold a lot of balls. There is a long, medium and small pocket at the side that can hold your rain gear, hood and golf towel while the rangefinder can fit into the lower pocket. Its base is stable and can stand alone when placed on the ground while the shoulder strap is more comfortable to enable you to carry it easily. The insulated pocket can hold 4 thin ice packs and 8 bottles of 12 cans; hence, you can be able to enjoy your cold drinks with your buddies after the game. Lifting it to your cart or car trunk is made easier with the 3 integrated molded grab handles. The bag features an E-Trolley base system that enables it to fit into push or pull cart or riding cart. Buy this and enjoy the game.

What we loved

  • 14 Full-length dividers
  • 9 pockets with 2 valuables pocket with a velour lining
  • 2 apparel pockets that are full length
  • A large insulated cooler pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable strap
  • It comes with a rain hood

What we did not like

  • Some customers find some club slots difficult to put the clubs


  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • 35.4 x 14.6 x 10.6 inches dimension
  • 5 years manufacturers’ warranty

5. Best Golf Bag with insulated cooler pocket for Cart

Cobra Golf Ultralight Cart Bag

If looking for 100% polyester golf cart bag with 14 way top dividers and full-length club slots then this Cobra 2021 Ultralight bag is just for you.

The full-length dividers ensure that your clubs are well organized, do not crowd and is easy to retrieve. It has a top grab handle that makes it easy to move to your cart and a single shoulder strap so that you can carry it easily.

This bag provides enough pockets for storing your gears and stands up sturdily. The valuables pocket has a fleece lining to keep your watch, phone and other valuables safe while the cart strap pass-through ensures the bag is secure and pockets accessible. Its insulated cooler pocket can hold up to 12-ounce cans so that you can enjoy when cold. This bag features a big apparel pocket, rangefinder pocket and a key clip on the apparel pocket. As a golfer enjoy your game with this Cobra 2021 Ultralight golf cart bag.

What we loved

  • 14-Way top full-length club dividers
  • Cart-strap pass-through
  • Accessible pockets
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Fleece lined valuables pocket
  • Rangefinder pocket


  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • 36 x 13 x 10 inches dimension

6. Best Golf Cart bag under 300:

TaylorMade Cart Golf Bag

This TaylorMade Cart Lite 2022 bag is crush resistant, durable and works fine for any kind of cart and with an optimized base and top; it can fit on a pushcart. It is lightweight weighing only 5 pounds and durable.

With the 14 full-length dividers, your clubs will never crowd, thus, being well organized for easy retrieval and are protected from any damage. This golf bag under 300 has 10 pockets which provide enough space to hold all your gears and accessories for the game. The carry handle and single shoulder strap make it easy to carry to or from your cart or car’s trunk. There is also an integrated trunk handle so that loading and unloading become much easier.

It has 2 valuables pockets are made of micro-suede lining to ensure that your valuables are always safe. The bag also features 2 full-length garment pockets; Tee pocket, Umbrella and Pen sleeve, matching rain hood, Carabineer towel loop to enable you to wipe any dirt on your bag. The ball pocket has a zip-off panel that allows embroidery.

What we loved about the bag

  • Rain hood
  • Lightweight
  • Full-length garment pockets
  • Embroidery ball pocket
  • Integrated trunk handle and single shoulder strap
  • 14 full-length dividers
  • 10 pockets


  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • 36 x 13 x 10 inches dimension

7. Best Ogio Cart Bag 2022

OGIO 2022 Woode 15 Cart Bag

It is time the course is calling on you and your bag needs replacement or you are a beginner looking for the best golf cart back. This OGIO Golf 2017 Duchess Cart Bag is here for you.

The Ogio golf bag is 15-way top with a putter pit that can accommodate larger grips and a low profile OGIO Ball Silo that is easily accessible, thus, enabling you to have a fast draw in case you need another ball. It has 6 zippered pockets which can accommodate all your gears with fleece-lined valuable pockets to ensure all your valuables such as phone, watch etc are safer. The Deluxe padded strap allows you to throw it over the shoulder when moving from one round to another or moving to your golf cart. Once on the cart, the cart strap channel allows you to attach your bag to the cart more securely. There are many sleek designs you can choose from depending on which bag you like.

What we loved

  • Cart strap channels
  • 15-way top bag
  • Large putter pit
  • Valuables pocket
  • 6 zippered pockets
  • Car strap channel
  • Detachable ball pocket for embroidery
  • Shoulder strap with deluxe padding
  • Low-profile Ball Silo

What we did not like

  • There are only 6 zippered pockets


  • 10 x 13 x36 inches dimension
  • Weighs 5.07 pounds

8. Best Callaway Cart Bag:

Callaway Golf 2022 Org 14 Cart Bag

This Callaway Org 14 Golf Cart Bag is stylish, lightweight, and durable. It features a 14-way divider club system and 2 molded grab handles integrated into it that enables you to carry your bag and 2 insulated cooler pockets that keep your drinks cold for long in order to enjoy especially during summer.

There are 14 full-length dividers to prevent club tangling and ensuring good organization and E-trolley system at the bases that integrate with the pushcarts to ensure your bag fits securely. With 17 pockets, there is plenty of storage space for all your gears with a water-resistant velour-lined valuables pocket that protects all your fragile valuables and also has a key fob.  The umbrella sleeve is integrated since the safety of your bag from the rain and rays of the sun is essential. With the shoulder strap, you can be able to carry it around comfortably.

What we loved

  • 14 full-length dividers
  • The pockets have a magnetic closure
  • 2 insulated cooler pockets
  • 2 integrated molded grab handles
  • 17 pockets with water-resistant valuables pocket
  • Integrated umbrella sleeve
  • E-trolley system at the base

What we did not like

  • Different colors mean different prices


  • Weighs 6.3 pounds
  • 38 x 10 x 10 inches dimension

9. Best Designed Golf Bag:

Ping Golf- Traverse Cart Bag

This Golf Cart Bag is perfect for you to hit the course being prepared with full of confidence. It is 14-way top with 10 pockets which is just enough space to store all your gears to use in the course. 4 of the dividers are full-length dividers and they fit your clubs ensuring they do not rattle or damage.

The single shoulder strap enables you to throw the bag over your shoulders and move it from one round to another and integrated carry handles to enable you to grab it and load and unload it with ease. There is a cart strap channel to ensure that the bag securely fits your cart. With the umbrella sleeve, your bag will be always protected from the sun and the rain, hence, durability. The bag also has a rainhood included helping protect the bag when it rains.

What we loved

  • 14-way top
  • Single shoulder strap
  • 10 pockets
  • Rainhood
  • Cart Strap Channel
  • Umbrella sleeve
  • What we did not like
  • Only 4 full-length dividers


  • Weighs 10 pounds
  • 36 x 13 x 10 inches dimension

10. Best Cart with full-length dividers:

Hot-Z Golf Cart Bag

Hot-Z 4.5 Cart Bag is made of lightweight Nylon materials and is a 14-top way friendly full-length divider that ensures that every club has its own slot for good organization and prevention of crowding or any damage.

It has a putter pit and handles to enable you to move it to the cart or your car’s trunk. There are 9 zippered pockets with bottle compartment to allow you to carry your own water from home and a velour-lined pocket to protect your fragile valuables from damage. It has a single carry strap, towel ring, rain hood cover, pen sleeve, Tee holder, scorecard sleeve and a Velcro glove attachment. The umbrella holder protects your bag from the rain and the sun.

What we loved

  • 14 way top full-length dividers
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 9 zippered pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Rain hood cover
  • Tee and umbrella holder
  • Velcro glove attachment
  • Pen sleeve
  • Lightweight


  • 11 x 36 x 12 inches dimension

11. Best Cart Bags for Women:

Glove It Glove It Ladie’s Golf Bag

This a women’s best Golf Cart Bag with 7 pockets that are easily accessible and 14-way divider top and full-length club dividers to keep your clubs protected, well organized for easy retrieval and ensure they do not rattle.

It has a zip-off pocket that has a logo capability, an umbrella sleeve to protect your bag from the rain and the sun, rain hood cover, external putter tube, and a thermally lined cooler pocket to hold your drink. There is and handle system that makes it easy to carry and 7 pockets that are accessible and provides enough storage space for your gears. This bag is colorful and stylish and as a woman or someone planning to buy your wife or sister with a cart golf bag, I recommend you buy her this and she will surely love it.

What we loved

  • 14-way divider top
  • 14 Full-length dividers
  • 7 accessible pockets
  • Umbrella sleeve and a rain hood cover
  • Easy handle system
  • External putter tube to fit your large putter

Easy steps for cleaning your golf bag

No golfer becomes happy if his bag is dirty or dusty, therefore, it is essential to always ensure it is always clean. Whether you are playing or you are done playing, these steps are going to help you make your bag look clean and attractive again. Even when there is no debris, always clean your bag since an accumulation of dust and moisture leads to the formation of mold or mildew which makes the next time you want to play stressful and unpleasant. These steps include:

  1. Cleaning of the clubs

First, start with your clubs and then put them aside because the whole bag will need a thorough cleaning. Look at the valuables, rangefinder pocket or other pockets and clean them.

  1. Flip the bag

This is the fastest way of letting out all things that are in your bag. You will be surprised by the amount of stuff and even particles that come out of it.

  1. Use a cloth

Since the clubs fit into the pockets, wrap the club’s handle with a dry microfiber cloth and slide to each sleeve of the divider to the bottom. Twist then remove it and be sure there will be alot of debris, dirt or dust coming out.

  1. Clean it using a brush

Use a bristle brush with a plastic bristle to help clean it well. This is perfect in removing any stuck dirt between the mesh and nylon of the bag. Tilt it upside down and brush gently the whole exterior side of the bag. This will make dirt from pockets also fall out.

  1. Wipe it with a damp cloth

Squeeze all water from the cloth then wipe the pockets, dividers and other open parts of the bag when on course. This prevents any stain. If dirt does not go away, vinegar solution with a bristle brush will be ideal.

Ensure that you have dried your bag well before putting all things back in order to avoid any mold or mildew forming. This ensures that your bag lasts longer.

Can you wet your golf bag in order to clean it?

You may do so though not recommended. The idea of hosing your cool golf bag then leaving it out on the sun to dry is not advisable. This is because it is heavy and the pockets may get warped and further collapse or even attract dust which is the worst thing you would wish to see. Water should only be used outside the bag may be with a bristle brush or just sprinkling. This will raise all dirt from inside.

The number of golf clubs to carry

Regardless of your golf bag’s capacity, there is a limit to the number of clubs to have. You may carry up to 14 different golf clubs at a go but mostly this is what the stipulations allow:

-8 irons

-3 Wood Drivers

-1 Putter

These make 12 of them and for the extra pockets, you can put whatever item you’d like. The idea of such stipulations is also to ensure that your bag does not tear from the excess weight or becomes hard for you to carry and lift.

How can one carry his golf bag?

This applies to those who do not use a cart since they will carry it all the time when on the course. Carrying it may be done well or wrongly so make sure you do it well. For a beginner or golfer seeking to impress, this will help you. Test it first in the house by loading it, throw over the shoulder and then walk around and if it is wrong you will feel it.

Ensure that you do it all over one of your shoulders by placing the broader strap part on it. You can also keep it inclining on the side where it will hang under the arm with the arm resting on the bag. Another way of carrying it is slinging the bag over the shoulder though it may affect your walking so ensure you walk confidently.

It is important to be careful when doing this to avoid pulling the shoulder. Make sure to listen to your body and if you feel you can’t carry it then don’t assume because if you do then your body will be painful.


It is very important to find the best golf cart bag that will suit your needs and style. The type of cart you intend to use will also determine if the bag will fit into it. As golfbagsy, we have reviewed the 11 best golf cart bags to help you make an informed decision. These are few of the best golf cart bags we found positive feedback from some family members and our friends so we decided to share it with you. We hope that you will find the best bag for you from the ones we have reviewed above.

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