How do I get started learning how to play golf?

If you’re interested in learning golf and you’re not sure on how to go about it, then this is the article for you. The best way is to learn the rules of the game and purchase some golf gear such as a top golf bag. If you have decided to learn through a professional, you can find a teaching facility or professional trainer and you’re good to go.

The best way to learn Golf

I have mentioned that you can learn golf by hiring a professional. This is a great way to learn golf as you will be guided on various techniques and tips of becoming the best golfer. Nonetheless, you can learn on playing golf alone and become a pro golfer. I am a self-taught player and a proud 7 handicap who breaks 80 frequently.

Other options of learning golf include:

  1. Starts by practicing golf by playing a potty putter toilet golf every time you visit the bathroom. The gadget comes with its own putting green, putter, two golf bags, and a cup with a flag. It offers extra practice time with each trip that you make to the bathroom. You can buy the set costing under $12 and you will be good to start your journey.
  2. Read 5 lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan’s
  3. Practice small by starting with putting, chipping, and pitching. Then do less than 100 yards shots before going to the range and start duffing or spraying balls with a driver. It is advisable that you use short irons when you’re starting over.
  4. Afterward, advance practice to using mid and long irons and some fairway woods. Nowadays, numerous golfers utilize hybrids irons instead of long irons as they consider it easier to hit and direct.
  5. Lastly, you should learn to hit the driver. It can be the most complex golf club to control as a result of its low loft and length but at this stage, you will have learned how to manage it.

What is the least expensive way to learn how to golf?

There is this question about cost and an inexpensive method of learning golf or learning to golf with little money. Yes, it is possible to learn how to play golf without having to pay a huge amount of money for training.

a. It is possible to learn how to play golf using YouTube for learning the short game which is more important to learn compared to a  long game. Check on your favorite golfers on YouTube and practice what he/she is doing. After watching you can putt at home on your carpet.

b. There are modern golf games in mobile apps and free golf video games that you can play and it will help to sharpen your skills and play better.

c. Also, you can buy a golf hitting net that you can purchase. As you hit the golf ball, you will sharpen your skills and become good in your swings. This is an example of a golf hitting net that you can buy for practice.

Joining a Golf Club or League

There are numerous private clubs that you can join across the world and more public resort and facilities that any person can access without difficulty. After joining the club, there will be a likelihood that you will find 9 and 18 holes groups where you can meet new friends and other members. The public facilities will likely have ladies, men’s and couples groups or leagues that you can be able to participate in and advance your skills and network for business.

Is there a difference between a country club and a golf club?

A golf club means that it focuses on golf above everything else. In the case of a country club, it shows a more rounded environment where your children and spouse can enjoy more than golf. In a country club, you can find swimming pools or even have tennis courts. It is your choice to select the golf club or country club to join depending on how you expect to use it.

Cost of joining a Golf Club

A joining fee to a golf club is a one-off payment to a club by a golfer to a club. It is different from the annual subscription which is an annual fee paid to a golf club after every 12-month period. There are golf clubs that have eliminated the cost of joining the clubs but there are others will cost about $7,500 to join. It is important that you do your research well and select a good golf club.

Basic Golf Etiquette that every beginner should learn

  • Keep up with the group and don’t slow down your group
  • Don’t step on somebody’s putting line
  • Give people room by keeping out of view on swings including your shadow
  • Don’t offer swing advice
  • Turn off the cell phone
  • Assist to find fellow player’s golf bag if possible
  • Try to always follow where each golf ball lands to reduce time looking for the ball
  • If you find a golf club while playing, try to find its owner or return it to the clubhouse
  • No talking during swings or murmur indistinctly if you need to
  • Mark your golf ball while on the green, especially if the golf ball might be in the way
  • Stay behind of whoever is in play
  • Let the faster golfer play through
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