Are you an enthusiastic golfer who would like to play golf all year round notwithstanding the weather conditions? If that is the case, this article is for you.

There are people who shun away from playing golf during winter period due to the harsh climatic condition. They believe that golf should only be played during summer when it’s sunny and people can walk on the golf course without having to worry about wearing a heavy jacket and other winter clothes. The truth is that those people who stay away from the golf course during winter are surely missing on some amazing rounds of golden golf. But what would happen if anyone knew about the astounding winter golf? Would the fun be ruined?

Why should you engage in winter golf? Even with the snow, winter greens, and cold situations, there are some reasons why you should try taking your stand golf bag and hitting the golf course. As challenging as it may seem, let’s explore on the reasons why winter can give you a remarkable golf season.

Why Playing Golf during winter is a good idea

1. Quiet Golf Course

It is possible during the winter times to see quiet courses that have been abandoned. As the winter start, there are golfers who store their golf clubs until spring. It is a pleasure to arrive at the course and have all the packing space by yourself and get to whatever place you want and start your game. There is no waiting time for you to hit the shots and no one will rush you to do anything. Why not enjoy this little precious world at your own pace?

2. Cheap Prices

If there is a time when golf courses fight to make cash is during the winter and it will do a lot of things to attract clients. It is common to see offers such as free range balls, reduced green fees, and cheap lessons. During winter, you can get a great bargain or a discounted winter memberships that can extend to the summers.

3. Beautiful Courses

Ice covered golf courses are beautiful and eye-catching. The layout of the golf course looks outstanding in summer with manicured greens and lush fairways. It is a lovely view where you can get amazing pictures of the golf course. It is also possible to see rare animals as there is less presence of people that can stare them away.

4. Outstanding Winter Rules

In case your ball picks up mud during summer, you need to factor it in your subsequent shot which I consider unfair rules. Nonetheless, in the winter, you’re permitted to pick the ball, mop the dirt off, and then place it.

The following are the winter rules that give you an advantage while you’re playing:-

  • Casual water – the law offers you free relief in case water is noticeable under your ball or feet when you make your normal posture.
  • Preferred Lies – The rule ensures that the club resolves how far the player is allowed to prefer the lie.
  • Embedded Ball – The rule confirm if relief also pertains to the rough.
  • Cleaning the ball – The law permits you to lift your ball and clean it before playing the next shot.

5. Winter Kit is wonderful

The winter kit is unique and amazing as you will get to carry mittens, proper socks, bobble hats, and warm tea bag stuff. The feeling of wearing the correct attire during winter cannot be compared to summer clothes where you wear sweat patches and mobs.

Tips of playing golf in winter

a) Wear Gloves and Protective Clothes

The most important factor while playing golf during the winter is to ensure that you wear protective clothing that can protect you from bad weather. It is important to ensure that your body is not exposed to cold so that you’re not exposed to diseases such as pneumonia and other health complications. Thus, you should always cover your head in a tick headwear and the ears should be covered with earlobes. Also, ensure that your feet and legs stay warm in snowshoes.

Ensure that you have your gloves on. The gloves are a vital part of your garments and it will keep you warm. Golf gloves also ensure that you can be able to grip your golf clubs well when your hands are not frozen.

b) Use correct Golf Clubs

If you’re going to play golf during winter ensure that you don’t use iron clubs as they can easily get affected by the cold. It is advisable that you use hybrids or woods during winter. The cold climate can mess the flexibility of golf clubs by stiffening the club’s shaft and face. To enhance the golf game during winter, experts recommend a 7-iron golf course.

c) Pick the right type of ball

The snow is white and if you select a white golf ball, you may lose the ball in the snow as it may be hard to differentiate the golf balls. It is advisable to select colored balls so as to have some easy time on the golf course.

d) Draw up a Play Plan and stay focused                                       

It is necessary that you have a play practice and stay focused on objectives that assist to enhance your golf game. Having a good winter practice plan would assist you to improve your game in the next period. As much as you can hire a coach or practice with other professionals, the art of improving your game is on you. Thus, the plan helps you to warm up for golf and be ready to play the game.

Do you burn calories if you play golf in winter?

There are people who think that you can only burn calories during summer which is not true. The magnificent thing about playing golf in the cold season is that you get to burn calories really fast. The scientific reason for this is that your body tends to disburse more energy so that it can preserve core warmth.

Final Thought

It is boring to always do the ordinary and I should encourage you to pick your cart golf bag and clubs and hit the golf course in the winter. If you have only played golf during summer, it is important that you break the glass and get to play your game during winter. It is not only enjoyable golfing during winter provides additional benefits as explained in the articles.

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