How much weight can you lose by playing golf? This is a common question for those who want to lose weight through this exciting game. If you want to lose weight while playing golf, it means that you are ready to burn calories. Golfing helps you to burn calories by walking on the golf course and swinging the club as you hit the ball. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be enough to just play golf if you don’t supplement with other weight-loss strategies such as dieting so as to reduce the excess intake of calories.

Quick Tips on Weight Loss when Playing Golf

a) Don’t drive the golf cart – If you use a cart, it will reduce the number of calories that your body is able to burn while playing golf. It is advisable to carry your golf carrier on the shoulder and back by using the shoulder strap. Carrying your bag helps you to build resistance and strength, while the extra weight on the bag makes you burn calories faster. If you’re not comfortable with carrying your golf bags, you can use a push or pull cart rather than the cart.

b) Walk swiftly between shots – There is a lot of stop-start activity while playing golf and this is not a cool thing in the weight loss journey. While playing golf try to reduce the consequence of stoppages by walking swiftly between shots.

c) Avoid beer and other forms of soft drinks and drink water instead – As you play golf, you will get thirsty due to the walking, swinging of the club as you take your shot or the hot sun. The feeling of dehydration means that you are burning calories and water is being lost through sweating. If you’re drinking beer, sports drink, fruit juice, or any fatty snacks, it means that you’re adding calories to your body undoing your hours of uphill struggle.

d) Don’t depend on Golfing alone to burn weight unless you’re playing it four hours a day– Golf will help you burn calories, but you need to supplement it with other methods so as to stay healthy. It is important to eat healthily, drink a lot of water, and do some work out to help burn more calories and lose weight.

What does the Research say about golfing and weight loss?

American Journal of Medicine recently published a study that examined the change in the composition of the body of 55 male golfers that were aged between 48 and 64. The golfers had been inactive for several months and they started playing 18 holes two times a week without driving a cart.

After 20 weeks of play, there was a decline in their fat level, and a reduction in abdominal skin fold breadth, waste, and weight. Averagely, there was a reduction in weight of 1.8 kg, a reduction of waist measurement of 2.3 cm, a lessened waist to hip ratio of 1.4%, and the reduction in the thickness of the abdominal skin fold of 2.4 cm.

The reduction in the thickness of the abdominal skin hint that the loss of weight seen in the group is as a result of the burning of fat. Thus, the research suggested that walking for about 15 kilometers a week whilst playing golf is a sure physical activity that can help you lose weight.

Walking and Weight Loss

A typical golf course will occupy about 20 to 200 acres or about yards. This means that for you to move from one hole to the next, you will have to cover about 4-5 miles. It means that you need to walk for about four hours time to move to the 18 holes. So if you add to the weight of the bag, the walk becomes a cardiovascular workout. Before starting your golf bag, it is important to take at least 20 minutes to warm and stress your muscles. 18 holes of golf carrying a golf bag can help you burn about 1,500 calories.

If you want to really burn a lot of calories, it is important to prefer walking on the golf course instead of riding on a golf cart. Golfing is usually perceived as a passive game if you utilize power-driven carts to take you to each shot. As you do the walking, you can decide to carry your own golf bag and avoid hiring a caddie to help you move the stand golf bag from one hole to the other. If you carry a bag of clubs that weigh about 50 pounds, then the sport becomes an aerobic event where you seat and lose calories.

Dieting and Weight Loss

Another enormous factor that will assist you to lose weight as a golfer is dieting. Just like any other athlete who wants to become physically better, golfers should also think about what they consume and drink. As a golfer, walking and a good diet can help in weight reduction. They should start controlling nutrients intake and avoid taking food with a lot of fat. Also, they should not consume food with little or no carbohydrates or proteins.

A good diet for weight loss should emphasize on consumption of high level of vegetables and fruits, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, and whole grains. In terms of proteins, your food should include fish, eggs, poultry, lean meats, and nuts.  Avoid added sugar, salt, and high cholesterol food.


Lose Weight while Enhancing your Golf Swing

I have heard most of our clients say that they lost their weight while they worked hard to improve their skills in the game. It is true that golf swings can help you to lose weight while you enhance your fitness. Although it is not a priority for most people to lose weight while they play golf, this is a welcomed benefit for people looking forward to losing weight in the golf course.

Final Thought

It is possible to lose weight as you practice golf. The most important thing is to ensure that you take the advice we have given and you will surely be in your weight loss journey. Dieting and workout in the gym can also be a great way to quicken your journey.

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