Some golfers assume the importance of owning a golf bag in their overall performance in the game. Cool golf bags will protect your expensive golf club, valuables such as watches, and personal items as you enjoy your golf game.

There are various golf bag brands on the market and it can become difficult to select the best golf bag as every vendor claim that their bags are the most excellent. Nonetheless, this article will offer you valuable information that will assist you to select the best golf bags that will match your taste and preference.

Our Comparison Table of 10 Best Golf Bags 2022

Sun Mountain Golf Stand BagBest Golf Stand BagSee Amazon Price
Callaway Golf Cart BagBest Golf Cart BagSee Amazon Price
C8-II Sunday and Pencil BagBest Sunday Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Diva Cart BagBest Women’s Golf BagSee Amazon Price
TaylorMade Tour Staff Golf BagBest Staff Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Prosimmon Tour Golf BagBest Golf Bag under 100See Amazon Price
Ping Pioneer Cart BagTop rated Golf bag under 200See Amazon Price
Belding American CollectionBest Custom Golf bagSee Amazon Price
CaddyDaddy Travel Golf BagBest Travel Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Golf BagBest Leather Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Front 9 Stand Golf BagBest Carry Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Paragon Rising Star Junior Golf Stand Bag 28″ GreenBest Junior Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Ping Golf Men’s Cart BagBest Men’s Golf BagSee Amazon Price

How important is it to buy the best golf bag for the money? Imagine having a golf bag that is heavy and you’re supposed to carry it around the golf course in all the 18 holes. Or envision having a golf bag that has limited pockets that you cannot store all your valuables. Such a bag will obviously distress you and make you not enjoy this thrilling game as required. This article offers you the best guide on how to choose a top-rated golf bag that will offer you great service. Also, it presents you a review of ten top golf bags on the market.

Whether you are a beginner or professional looking to buy a golf bag, there are essential features that you need to consider before making a purchase. A good golf bag should be durable so that you get value for your money. It should be made of light but strong materials to ensure that you can be able to carry it around the course without much effort.

The best golf bag should have space to store golf clubs, gloves, umbrella, food, drink, rain gear, and other valuables such as keys and mobile phone. We’ve reviewed the 10 best golf bags from top brands that will help you protect all your valuables while on the golf course.

Reviews of the Best Golf Bags 2022

1. Best Golf Stand Bag: Sun Mountain 2022

The Sun Mountains Golf Bags is another perfect golf bag brand in the golfing industry. The best stand-up golf bag has a bottom that is cart-friendly and you can utilize it while riding a cart or walking.

Sun Mountain 2019 has a leg-lock system that ensures the stability of the legs while on the golf course. The best light golf stand bag legs are made of high-tensile aluminum legs to ensure its durability.

The best 14-way golf stand bag has full-length dividers that offer space for individual golf clubs. The best stand golf bag has 9 pockets that are adequate for all your needs. There is a clothing pocket, velour-lined valuables pouch, hydration pocket, and a multiple accessory pouch. Additionally, it comes with a pen holder, matching rain hood, towel holder, and umbrella holder.

What we loved about the bag

  • 14-way full-length dividers
  • Cart-friendly bottom
  • Leg-lock structure
  • Cart strap pass-through
  • 9 pockets
  • Matching rain hood

2. Best Golf Cart Bag: Callaway Cart Bag

See Amazon Price

Callaway is a respected brand in the golf industry and they make golf bags with a great reputation of excellence. Callaway Golf 2018 is a great cart bag with its dividers going all the way down. The cart bag has a 14-way divider that will ensure that all your clubs fit in the bag without having to crush with each other.

The golf cart bag has numerous pockets that ensure all your valuables fit in the bag. It has two magnetic valuables pouch that can hold all your valuables. The Callaway golf bag has a cooler or a beverage pocket that is fitted with ice where you can store about 4 cans of beers when it is packed well.

The best golf bag for push carts is lightweight and you will have an easy time carrying it to and fro the cart. The pockets on this bag are accessible even when the bag is on the cart so that you can easily get anything you want from the bag.

If you’re looking for a golf bag that is made of sturdy materials that makes it durable, has numerous pockets with a lot of storage, and has a great divider, then this golf bag under 200 is the best bag for the money.

What we loved about the bag

  • 14-Way top with full-length dividers
  • Has a magnetic range finder pocket
  • 2 easy access magnetic valuables pockets
  • 2 insulated beverage pockets with drain ports
  • Has a dual pen holder

3. Best Carry Golf Bag: C8-II Golf Sunday/Stand/Pencil/Carry Bag

See Amazon Price

If you’re looking for a perfect carry golf bag for your game, this C8-II golf bag would be a perfect choice for you. The golf bag holds about 6-7 pcs of clubs.

This 2-way divider carry bag is made of high-quality materials and you’re assured that it will last for long. It has a laminated PE tube body assembly that is not collapsible and you can easily be able to put the clubs back into the bag.

It has a back strap that is adjustable and comfy that distributes weight equally on your shoulders. The bag is lightweight and weighs about 6lbs and you can be able to carry it for a long distance without getting tired.

The bag has some pockets to hold your valuables and plenty of room for numerous clubs. It is reasonably priced for carrying several clubs.

What we loved about the bag

  • It is a lightweight golf bag
  • The top cover not detachable
  • 2-way divider
  • Dual shoulder strap that is removable

4. Best Golf Bags for Women: Sun Mountain Women’s Diva CART Golf Bag 

See Amazon Price

The Sun Mountain golf bag is a Diva Bag that is well designed for those ladies who prefer to use the cart while playing the game.

You will all agree with me that ladies will always prefer to buy a stylish bag that makes them stand out in the golf course. This is the perfect selection for such ladies who love a great and stylish design of the sporting equipment. The bag is well made and even its carry strap is fur-lined to guarantee you comfy.

The bag has 8 pockets where you can store most of your valuables including a rangefinder pocket, a beverage pouch, a full-length clothing pocket velour-lined valuables pocket. All the pockets of this bag are forward facing for ease of accessibility even when the bag is on the cart.

This best womens golf bag is lightweight and easy to lift and you will find it great to use on the course. The bag is definitely a perfect choice for ladies who love the game.

What we loved about the bag

  • 15-way organization
  • Cart strap pass-through for firm anchorage
  • 8 pockets
  • Cart bumpers for added toughness
  • Matching rain hood

5. Best Staff Golf Bag: TaylorMade Tour Staff Bag

See Amazon Price

This TaylorMade Tour 2018 staff bag is a 6-way velour top beautiful and stylish bag. It has specialized pockets that provide efficient and convenient storage, tour-based upgrades and classic amenities for golf bags.

This best golf staff bag is however designed for golf professionals since it is too heavy and a bit complicated. It features 12 pockets, therefore, more storage capacity, an umbrella sleeve, towel clip, black gunmetal hardware, rain hood and a 3 point shoulder strap for comfortable carrying to your cart. The bag also comes with a zip-off belly panel that makes embroidery much easier.

What we loved about the bag

  • 12 pockets
  • 3 point shoulder strap
  • Umbrella sleeve
  • Easy embroidery due to zip off belly panel
  • Towel clip
  • Rain hood
  • 6-Way velour top

6. Best Golf Bags under $100: PROSiMMON Tour Bag

See Amazon Price

If you’re looking for the best golf bag under $100, then Prosimmon is the best deal for you. Thus, the price of this bag gives you every reason to purchase a new golf bag or replace a worn-out bag.

The bag has a 14-way top divider that ensures your clubs are well organized to fit exactly where you expect them to fit. The lightweight golf bag comes with numerous zippered pockets to store your valuables. One of the pockets is insulated ensuring that you have a cold drink even during the summer.

For those who have an eye for colors, the bag comes with a variety of colors that you can select from and you can easily choose the color that best suits you. Additionally, it comes with a glove holder, towel ring, and an exterior umbrella strap.

What we loved about the bag

  • 14-way divider
  • Numerous zippered pockets
  • Glove Holder
  • Umbrella strap
  • Towel ring

7. Best Golf Bags under $200: Ping Golf- Pioneer Cart Bag

If you prefer riding a cart and your budget is roughly $200, I would advise you to look no further and purchase this Ping Golf Bag. Ping is a big brand in the golfing industry and you can always be assured that they would make superior products in terms of functionality and style.

The Ping Golf Bag has a 15-way top divider and you can be assured of an individual arrangement of the clubs in a way that they won’t crush and get damaged. The organization also makes it easy to remove the club that you want to use for the round without much effort.

The best golf bag under 200 also has 11 pockets including a cooler pocket located at the bottom of the bag to ensure that your clubs do not get wet and damaged. Also, there are 2 water resistant pockets for valuables that ensure your items such as watches and phones do not get spoiled as a result of any type of water contact.

What we loved about the bag

  • 15 way top
  • 15 full-length dividers
  • 11 total pockets
  • A single shoulder strap

8. Luxury Custom Golf Bag: BELDING American Collection 

See Amazon Price

There are golfers who will prefer a unique bag that is handcrafted. If you’re a premium golfer who loves exceptional items with a touch of luxury and class, then this BELDING golf bag is your best choice.

This bag is among Belding Products that are well constructed. They use waxed canvas and harness leather. Also, they have multi-pocket designs with ykk zippers that ensures your valuables are well stored. The luxury bag is pricey (slightly under $500) but it is definitely worth the cost due to the materials used to assemble it and the amount of craftsmanship needed to make such a product.

One of the veteran golfers said that he had used the bag for over 25 years and it has remained sturdy over time. All these years, he has received a lot of compliments on the luxury bag. It is worth the money!

What we loved about the bag

  • Handcrafted
  • Luxurious/posh
  • Perfect for travel
  • Ykk zippers
  • Multi-pocket design

9. Best Men’s Golf Bag: PING Golf Men’s DLX Cart Bag

See Amazon Price

If you’re specifically looking for men’s golf bag, then your search is as good as over. This PING golf bag is specifically designed for men and wouldn’t advise any lady golfer to purchase the bag.

PING golf bag for men is made of heavy duty material that ensures it’s durable. The bag is designed for use with a cart. It is lightweight and you can be able to carry it with ease to and from the cart.

The bag has ample storage from its numerous pockets. The under $300 golf bag has large pockets with sub-pockets. It has an insulated pocket to keep your drink cold for longer and you can always have nice moments during summer without having to worry about the sun.

What we loved about the bag

  • Made of heavy duty material
  • Has a stowaway shoe pockets
  • It has a twin padded lift handles

10. Best Leather Golf Bag: Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Golf Bag

See Amazon Price

Sun Mountain is the best leather golf bag on the market. It is made of finest Yak leather accessible in the market. Thus, you’re assured of durability and shiny bag as you walk down the golf course.

It has a single but comfortable strap that makes it easy to carry it on the course. Also, it has a base that is compatible with the cart and you can use it while you are pushing or riding a golf cart. The Sunday golf bag has four full-length dividers that you can carry your club comfortably.

The golf leather bag is reminiscent of the rich golf tradition and the earliest golf carriers. The lightweight bag is easy to carry as it is made using modern materials to minimize its weight. Additionally, it has a leather-wrapped top protector the club shafts.

What we loved about the bag

  • 9 Top divider where 4 full-length dividers
  • Deep valuables pocket that velour-lined
  • Modifiable shoulder strap
  • Umbrella holder
  • Leather-wrapped top to protect the club shafts

The Ultimate Golf Bag Buying Guide: How to choose the Right Golf Bag

  1. The weight of the golf bag

How do you prefer to play your golf? If you’re that person who prefers walking, the best golf bag for walking would be a lighter model while a person who uses a golf cart would be less concerned on the weight of the bag as they will not haul or carry the bag on their bag.

2. Number of pockets

Cool golf bags will have feature pockets that have a particular use. It is common to find new golf bags with an insulated cooler pocket to ensure that your drinks are cold especially during summer. Also, you can find a golf bag with a lined pocket that shields valuables such as cell phone. There are those with full-length pockets that hoard extra attire. Whatever bag you purchase, ensure that you consider the number of pockets that you require on the golf course and buy one that will have some pockets for what you need.

3. Number of Dividers

Another important feature to check when purchasing top-rated golf bags is the number of dividers in the carrier. The dividers tell you the number of openings that are in the top of the bag and usually range from 1 to 14. It is vital to also consider the number of dividers that are full-length. The advantage of having dividers in a bag is that they will extend all the way down the bag and ensure that the golf clubs don’t crush to avoid damaging the expensive clubs. The higher the number of dividers in a golf bag, the better it becomes.

4. Straps and Handles

The straps and handles of a golf bag are essential to help you walk in and out of the greens. As a golfer, you require a bag with a comfy strap so that you can contentedly sling over the bags quickly and walk away. There are those bags that use a single strap carry structure that makes the bag not to be comfortable as the weight will not be evenly distributed and can result to shoulder and back strain. If you want a bag with a comfortable strap, ensure that you purchase one with a dual backpack-style strap for even weight distribution.

5. Rain Hood

For the many years that I have been a golf enthusiast, I can vouch for a golf bag that has a rain hood. Yes, it sounds like a small requirement to consider but it’s a great feature to have in your golf bag. The rain hood will ensure that in case of rain, all the valuable golf stuff such golf clubs will stay dry and will be protected from damage.

6. Towel Ring or Loop

The towel ring is a petite but necessary attribute in golf bags. Most top golf bags on the market today, have some sort of towel holder. Golf enthusiast likes a golf bag with a towel ring because they can wipe any dirt or debris off from their clubs before they can return them inside the bag. This kind of action helps to preserve your clubs in good conditions and also the interior of your golf bag will be well maintained.

7. Price

As a rational buyer, it is important to purchase a golf bag that offers value for the money. It is true that there are those golf bags that are costly and can break your bank. However, you can still find a quality golf bag even when you’re on a budget. The cheap golf bags can even last longer or even serve you better than the big brands on the market. However, you need to figure out which golf bag will work out best for you and suit your budget.

Having said that, there is no reason why you should not buy a bag that is a little more costly if you’re enthusiastic to develop your hobby into a regular and more long-lasting activity. A good golf bag can cost around $150 to $500.

8. Stability

If you want to purchase the best golf stand bag, you will need to ensure that you buy one with sturdy legs that spread widely to give strong support even when there is wind.

Different Types of Golf Bags

a) Cart Bags

When you’re looking at which golf bag to buy, a cart bag can be a great option if at all you’re going to ride a cart while golfing. Thus, a cart bag is a bag that is purposely designed to be carried on either a golf push cart or golf riding cart. It is not going to be the best decision if you’re planning to walk the course.

The bag weighs about 6-7 pounds on average and they’re easy and lighter to carry compared to the staff bags. The best golf cart bag is designed to offer easy access to all the pockets whilst they remain trapped in a cart. Additionally, the cart bags have a non-slip or rubber base that holds the bag sturdily and ensures that the bag does not slide off the cart.

b) Carry Bag

The carry bag is an ideal choice when you’re planning to walk on the golf course. The small golf bags are lightweight, compact, easy to carry, and they are collapsible for ease of storage. The average best carry golf bag can hold a handful of balls, clubs, and tees making it perfect for golfers who do not want to carry their full set to the golf course. A good carry golf bag will come in a two strap that has thick padding that offers comfort the back and the shoulder whilst walking from hole-to-hole. Why is it preferred to buy a carry bag? If you’re looking to burn calories, you should carry one as you walk on the course.

c) Staff Bags

The staff golf bags are usually referred to as tour bags. They’re top of the line when it comes to their construction as they are large and sturdy. These bags are used by golf professionals or pros when they’re on a tour. The travelers’ bags notably displays brand logos such as Sun Mountain, Nike, Titleist, Ping, and other prominent bags. It is rarely utilized by amateurs or beginners in the sport and only the pros mainly use the bag. They’re made using quality leather and other high-end materials that ensure that the bag endures any form of weather. Also, they have plenty of storage space that you can store your valuables while on the greens.

d) Stand Bags

The golf stand bags have a distinctive design compared to other types of golf bags. The stand bag has retractable legs that can help a bag to either stand entirely upright or canted. The legs ensure that your bag remains stabilized even on turf terrains whilst permitting easy access to any club.

Golfers fancy stand bags because when they’re walking around the golf course, their bags cab remains upright due to the retractable legs as opposed to the staff bags or cart bags that are normally designed to be utilized in flat surfaces such as the back of a cart. Nonetheless, the golf stand bags can be used with a pull/push carts and can be strapped to the back of a riding cart. The only precaution is to ensure that legs do not get damaged as you secure them with the straps.

e) Golf Travel Bag

The top-rated travel bags aren’t accurately golf bags in the sense that you take it to the golf course with all your clubs. The golf travel bag is used if you’re traveling and you still want to carry some of your clubs with you. There is an option of hiring clubs when you’re traveling but you may not get the convenience that you want with new clubs.

Organizing your Golf Bag

Having the required golf club when you need it is an essential concept that all golfers should have. An organized golf bag ensures that you have the right golf club or any other item when you need it. There are golfers who ignore the benefit of having an organized bag and this can have a negative impact on their game. Additionally, not all golfers have the capacity to organize a golf bag in an appropriate manner. Here is a guide on how to organize a golf bag in a suitable way.

Step 1: Start by removing everything from your Golf Carrier

The first step on how to properly organize your golf bag includes removing all the clubs in the dividers and all the items in the pockets. In case there is stuff you don’t need in the bag, you can throw away and make it easy for you to carry your bag with ease.

Step 2: Gather all your necessities

After you remove everything in your golf carrier, gather all the necessary items around your bag. Ensure that you have your putters, divers, and irons in a particular place before you start organizing a golf bag. This will help to identify what you need and what you don’t need.

Step 3: Place your Clubs from shortest to longest

Place your short clubs in the bottom of the three compartments and mid and large irons should go in the middle section of the bag. The iron can include 3-6 irons. Start with the longest to the shortest club when organizing your golf bag.

Step 4: Organize your Putter and Woods

Place your putter in a putter sleeve or in the back of the putter in back of your golf bag near your strap. The woods should be in the top of the bag.

Step 5: End with putting your Accessories

It is important to end with putting other items such as tees, balls, towels, and ball makers in the side pockets for easy access. You should fill one of your side pockets with tees and golf balls and if you have a long segment that extends the length of your golf bag you can put your shoes. Afterward, you can leave one small section empty to store drinks or food that you may want to bring onto the course.

How to clean your Golf Bag

How do you clean your golf bag? I have been asked this question many times and I always start by answering golfers why they need to clean your golf bag. A golf bag usually helps to hold all your items together and protect your clubs from dirt. A bag that has gathered filth will not do its intended work in a proper way lessening the longevity of your equipment.

Cleaning a golf bag is among the easiest activity you can do. First, you don’t need a special material or a cleaning kit to accomplish your task. A dry cotton towel and a stain remover are enough to ensure that your bag is sparklingly clean free of stains, dirt, and debris.

Steps to clean your bag

  1. Start by removing all the contents from your golf bag
  2. Lightly spew water all over your golf bag
  3. Mix gentle soap in some warm water and utilize a clean cloth to scrub the bag
  4. Do it gently and don’t rub it too hard or else you spoil the embroidery on the golf bag
  5. Afterward, use a hosepipe to rinse the durable golf bag carefully with clean water and check for any stubborn marks
  6. In case of any stubborn stains, use a stain remover to eradicate it. You can spray the stain remover over the stain permitting it to respite for a minute and gently scrub the bag so as to get rid of the stain. Don’t scrub the bag very hard as you can damage it.
  7. Once the golf bag is clean, permit it to dry during the night or in a shaded place
  8. Lastly, use a vinyl protectant to guarantee extra polish in case your bag is made using vinyl

How much does an average golf bag with clubs weigh?

There can be a big diversity on the weight of the golf bag depending on the form of bag used. A person who uses a carry or a stand golf bag will be lighter than a staff golf bag.

  • Stand/Carry Golf Bag

A stand/carry golf bag will weigh the least compared to a staff bag. The bags are designed for those who prefer to walk on the course while carrying their golf clubs and other accessories. An empty bag may weigh about 4 lbs when empty but can average around 20 lbs when it is loaded with balls, clubs, and other accessories,

  • Staff Golf Bag

They’re also referred to as tour golf bag usually carried with the help of a caddie. The bags are large and heavy-duty constructed to withstand everyday use and have a lot of pockets providing adequate storage space. They carry everything a pro golfer would require during his game. The best staff golf bags can weigh about 35-50 lbs with a full set of clubs.

Benefits of Playing Golf

Is golf a sport? Yes. What are the benefits of playing golf? Despite playing golf for fun, the game offers a wide variety for both mental and physical benefits. A person who has not played golf may think that golf is not a physically challenging sport, however, one round in the course means that you’re moving around. Below is a highlight of some of the benefits of playing golf:

i) Mental Well-being

There are mental benefits of playing golf as golfing is superb for the psyche. The game keeps the mind alert and offers important human contact along with other numerous mental health gains. A regular walk on the golf course reinforces the brain’s memory circuits and keeps your brain healthy.

ii) Social Event

Playing golf is a great social event that can help you to make new friends and reconnect with old friends. The experienced players help to mentor beginners and passing tips to the beginners. Thus, the golf course provides a wonderful venue for socializing and people with various lifestyles can be able to meet and make new friends.

iii) Reducing Anxiety and Stress

The greens provide some fresh air and just walking or riding on the cart makes the brain to release serotonin and endorphin chemicals that aid you to reduce the amount of anxiety and stress leaving you relaxed and happy.

iv) Helps to exercise and maintain Physical Fitness

The amount of walking that is involved carrying a golf club bag and the golf swing offers a great chance of offering the body with a full-body workout. A full swing helps to exercise the legs, arms, abdomen, and back and this ensures that the player achieves great physical fitness.

v) Enhance Sleep

Golfing helps to enhance sleep. Some fresh air and exercise is a dominant combination of enhanced sleep. If you perform regular exercise, it will aid your sleep swiftly and remain asleep for long hours. Good sleep aids your muscles to rest and worn out tissues repaired.

vi) Low Injury

Golf is a sport just like football and rugby. The golf game has a low-collision event in the sense that a person walks on the soft and smooth rolling surface. Most mature players will find it attractive to play golf as they can be able to burn calories with a low risk of harm.

vii) Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with weight issues and you want to lose some weight, you can try playing golf. A full golf game will entail walking for 5-6 miles to cover 18-hole. This will entail burning of calories and the result is much faster even compared to a lengthy workout on the gym.


Golf is a great sport that has numerous mental and health benefits. The game can be played by any person regardless of their gender or social status. The article has analyzed different types of golf bags and offered you a detailed review of 10 golf bags that are available on the market.

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