How much does an average golf bag with clubs weigh?


How heavy is a golf bag? This is a question I have been asked numerous times and in this article, I will try to answer this question.

It is common for a golfer to be inquisitive on the weight of a golf bag as the weight determines how well you will enjoy the game. This is a general question and I will try to answer the question in a manner that will give you a hint of how much your bag weighs.

The weight of each bag varies between style and types. Thus, there can be a big difference in weight depending on the type of bag that you prefer to use. If a player prefers to carry a carry bag on a weekend, it would be much lighter compared to a staff bag that is used by a professional. Roughly, a normal bag will weigh 25 to 30 pounds when with 14 clubs and other essentials.

Staff Bag

The staff bags are those golf bags that are used by professionals such as Tiger Woods. Sometimes, the professionals use the services of a caddie to ensure that the golf bag gets to the next hole. They are usually large and heavy-duty and they’re built to endure everyday usage. The bags have plenty of storage space where the professionals will have almost every item they require in a game.

The empty golf bag weight is about 10-12 lbs. However, when the staff golf bag has all items that a player needs during the course for rounds, it will weigh about 35-40 lbs. In addition to having 14 golf clubs, the bag will have tees, balls, rain hood, water bottle, extra socks, wind shirt, and band-aids. So a staff bag is the heaviest bag that weighs about 40 lbs.

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