“Why aren’t there any women playing on the men’s tour?” is a common question that is frequently asked. This is a question of gender and equality in sports that need to be addressed. As a golf enthusiast, I have taken my time to write this article and answer this question.

Where is Gender Equality in PGA?

It is true that men have continued to dominate the PGA tour separating ladies into their own league. The reason why there is a disparity in gender in golf tournaments is that the very best female golfers in the globe are unlikely to even make cuts that are required to play against men on the PGA tour.

However, there are several ladies who have attempted to take their shot at the Men’s Golf Tour. The women golfers who have attempted to be included in male-dominated PGA tour include Anika Sorenstam, Suzy Whaley, and Michelle Wie.

Sorenstam and Wie in the tournament demonstrated the incapacity of the top ladies to compete. Sorenstam was 84th in driving distance in her solo challenge. Whaley qualified her for a full PGA tournament due to the controversiality of forward tees that made the PGA of America rule that the golfers must play from the back tees so as to be eligible for the tour events.

Why men are considered superior while playing professional Golf compared to women?

The upper body of men has more strength compared to women that make them hit the golf ball farther. That is why you will find ladies’ tees on each hole in country golf courses. If you are a good observer, you will find that the ladies’ tees are closer to the pin.

Therefore, those who say that the physical merit of men is not a determining factor in the success at golf tournaments are not genuine. It is true that men have an advantage when it comes to muscles as an average male (just a normal guy) have more strength compared to an average female professional golfer.

What are the advantages of male strength in Golf?

The diversity in strength has a great advantage in golf sport. The strength means that male can be able to:

  • Can hit the golf ball higher
  • The person has about 40-yard driving distance advantage
  • Can hit the golf ball with more spin
  • Can have a better swing

10 Reasons why Women should Play Golf

If you’re not playing golf, you’re probably missing a lot of benefits that golf offers to ladies. It is easy to get started as you need to buy a ladies golf bag and some few other items and you’re good to go. Here are 10 reasons and benefits that women can get as a result of playing golf.

a) Helps to Keep Fit

If you’re a lady, you probably are looking for a good way to stay in shape and get your body moving. Golf is a good way to stay fit as there is a lot of workouts that entails hitting the golf ball and walking on the golf course. Thus, playing golf can assist you to burn calories and workout with an aim of staying healthy and in good shape.

It is true that you may not sweat like a person in a spin class but a good game of golf can offer plenty of exercises where you walk for up to 5 hours. In golf, an average player is said to burn approximately 1,500 calories per 18 holes of golf.

b) Golf is Fun

I was introduced to golf by my dad when I was 10 years of age. After playing the game, I realized that the game had a competitive part of it that made it fun. It also involves a lot of creativity and mind game and this makes it even much fun to play. Also, I love the fact that you can play with friends after college and get to hang out at the golf course.

c) Golf is a Game for all Ages

Golf is a game that you can start playing as early as 2 years like Tiger Woods or as old as 100 years.  There are people who have picked the game in their 50s or later and they appreciate and love the sport. My mum started to pick up golf in retirement and he is really finding it fun to play with her friends.

d) It Helps you build your Career

The rich play golf and it is in the golf course that most deals are done. So, most people would join golfing as a means of networking. Thus, a lady who plays golf should be ready to use it to develop her career or business.

e) Helps you to relax

In golf, there is no pressure to score like in football. It is sports that can assist you to get comfier on the course and get to enjoy your time and have fun. The game helps to get you out of your office so that you can experience fresh air and sunshine during the middle of a fine-looking weekday or a weekend.

f) No injury

Engaging in a game of golf doesn’t involve physical activity that can cause an injury in your body. Unlike, skating or American Football, you have minimal chances of getting an injury and this is one reason you should consider starting to play the game.

g) You can play Golf in your own way

There are days that you might have a long day and you just want to drive to the golf course and hit some few balls to relax. The best thing with golf is that you don’t always need a partner to play and you can just play solo. Also, you can do it anywhere in the world as there are over 35,000 courses globally.

h) No Discrimination in the Game

How many times would you get an opportunity to play in the same football pitch with stars like Messi, Rooney or Christiano Ronaldo?  In golf, you will play in golf courses that professionals practice and you can play with golfers of all abilities and just have fun.


The reason why men and women don’t compete on a professional level in golf is due to the muscle strength where men can be able to hit the ball hard than the ladies. Thus, men golfers are able to qualify to PGA easily and compete better than women. The article has also offered 8 reasons why women should take a Sunday golf bag and start learning the game.

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