I have heard people suggesting that washing a waterproof golf bag erodes its waterproofing capability which is not true. But before I even go into the details of how to clean your golf bag, it is important that I answer this important question that is frequently asked by numerous users of waterproof gears.

Question: Can you wash a waterproof golf bag?

Answer: Yes

Benefits of using a waterproof golf bag

Playing on the golf course without having to worry about the safety of your accessories is what every golfer would want. It is because of this advantage that waterproof golf bags were designed to keep your valuables safe even during bad weather.

There are times the weather is calm and sunny but it can change within a short time catching you unprepared with no rain cover or an umbrella. When it rains, your gears will be damaged and it will not be easy to navigate the soggy course. Due to this many top brands have put into consideration of designing waterproof golf bags to protect your clubs and other valuable items. Get yourself a waterproof golf bag and enjoy the game.

Types of waterproof gears that should be washed

The question about washing waterproof gears applies to any gear that is made of waterproof materials. Take for example; most of the camping materials are made of waterproof materials so as to protect you from wet weather. Think of coming back from camping or hiking and you do not wash your tent, boots, sleeping bag or backpack before storage so as to remove any dust or mud. If you don’t clean the camping equipment they will be left smelly and dirty.

And can you clean a leather golf bag? Read on how to clean your leather golf bag.

Benefits of cleaning a waterproof golf bag

Cleaning your waterproof bag will lessen the risk of a fatal attack of mildew and it will prolong the lifespan of the golf bag. Cleaning the golf bag will ensure that is not smelly and no development of spots due to dirt. The dirt usually attracts moisture and cleaning the bag ensures that it is free from moisture and its water-repellent features are enhanced. A clean bag will make it long-lasting and you would not need to replace the bag from time to time. The benefits of cleaning a waterproof golf bag are explained as follows:

i. It prolongs its lifespan- the idea of having to replace an expensive golf bag within a short time is often very stressing and account draining. This may get you discouraged of shopping for another bag again. However, the easiest way to keep your waterproof bag last long is by cleaning it regularly since the materials do allow.

ii. Reduces mildew attack – when you come home from playing and your bag has been rained on, it is advisable that you clean it before storing it. Failure to do so often leads to mildew which makes your bag smell badly and if left unattended for long, the quality of your bag will deteriorate which may shorten its lifespan. Ensure to clean it well, leave it to dry then store in a cool place.

iii. Enhances bag’s water-repellent qualities – washing your waterproof golf bag does not erode its waterproof capabilities but on the contrary, it enhances the capacity of the bag to protect you. Leaving your bag with dirt and unattended to may makes it peel which reduces its water-resistant qualities. Clean it after every game to ensure the water-repellent materials remains intact.

iv. How to clean your Waterproof Golf Bag

Having a golf bag is an essential thing to enable you carries your golf clubs and other crucial gears you will need for the game. Maintaining your bag properly is very important. Failure to take good care of your golf bag may lead to your golf clubs wearing down in case all your accessories are kept packed in the basement waiting to be used during the next session.

Steps to cleaning your Golf Bag

-Empty your bag – remove all stuff from the bag and put them aside then place it upside down so that in case of particles they may get out.

-If the material is waterproof you can spray heavily but if not light spray is recommended to be able to soak off any dirt.

-Mix warm water with mild soap then take a clean soft cloth to scrub your bag in order to remove dirt or debris.

-Scrub gently and carefully with the cloth but not so hard to avoid damaging your bag’s embroidery.

-Once you have done that, rinse it with a hose and clean water thoroughly while checking if there is any stubborn stain left

-In case of stubborn stains, use a stain remover to get rid of it. Spray this on the stain and leave it to rest for a while. Take a soft cloth and scrub it gently to remove it.

-Place it in a shaded place overnight to dry. Avoid leaving your bag to dry in the sun as this may damage your bag’s quality.

-If your bag is made of vinyl then using a vinyl protector makes it look shiny

Simple Tips to Cleaning Your Bag: What to do and what not to do

These tips are important to help you when cleaning your bag. This will help your bag look as good as new and prolong its lifespan.

i) Avoid drying it in direct sun – putting your golf bag in the sun for quick drying out can be tempting but not advisable since it may fade. Put in an area with a shade or overnight to ensure the material is protected. Avoid drying it at high temperature so that it can dry faster as it will end up spoiling your bag.

ii) Shape it up – your golf bag may at one point be out of shape and the quick and easy way to correct this is by towels in the pockets. Avoid overloading as your zippers may be damaged.

iv) Clean wedges before returning them to the bag – if you only clean your bag and fail to clean the wedges then it will be of no use. Cleaning the wedges help to remove any dirt or debris and ensuring the bag does not collect any dirt. Use a clean cloth to wipe them.

Final Thought

It is important to wash your discounted golf bag so as to ensure that you keep it clean and in good shape. This article on golfbagsy has offered you with great insight on the best way to clean your golf bag and essential tips to ensure that your bag remains in use for the longest period.

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