I have met this question a number of times and I will answer it today: Can leather bags get wet? The answer is Yes. But the great concern should be how to repair water damaged leather so as to make it stunning and appealing as before. The reason I am concerned about the wellbeing of a leather golf bag is just imagining the money I spent to buy it only for it to get spoiled. The article seeks to help you take care of your leather golf bag in case it gets wet.

There are sunny days on the golf course when you only need to wear your t-shirt and enjoy your game. Also, there are wet days when you get to experience the wrath of the rain. In case you own a leather golf bag and it gets wet, you need to take proper care of the bag so as to ensure it remains in good condition.

It is possible that you may have heard different opinions on drying a golf bag that is wet. The opinion may be entirely true and simple and would help to dry your bag and restore it to good shape. I have owned a leather golf bag for half a decade and I know the meaning of taking good care of your bag. It is an easy task, as easy as writing your name. However, if you get it wrong, you can end up damaging the great look of your luxurious golf bag.

What happens when leather gets wet and goes untreated?

If you get from the golf course with your leather golf bag and not bother to dry it, then you would have destroyed your bag. If wet leather goes untreated, it can really feel like greased rubber. This means that the fibers that construct the leather would become stretchier and it is likely to wear and tear.

What to avoid when drying the leather?

Go slow on temperature. If you try drying your golf bag faster on high temperature (like 40 °C), you can end up destroying the leather by making it shrink, make it fragile, and it would be more likely to tear.

5 Essential Tips to take care of your leather bag in Rain

I will offer you some simple but valuable tips to protect your leather bag in rain. The tips can also be used to protect any other leather accessories that you may own. How to clean a leather golf bag will include:

i) Wipe off the bag

After returning from the golf course, do not put the bag away and forget about it. It is important that you wipe off any water and permit it to dry naturally to that point of being moist but not entirely dry.

ii) No Heat

Do not leave your bag to dry at high temperature as the extreme heat can harmfully affect leather accessories. It is important that you never leave your leather golf bag to dry near direct sunlight or heater. (DON’T USE unnatural heat such as a blow dryer)

iii) Polish the bag

After wiping off any standing water, apply some sensibly thick coat of leather polish and leave it to dry off overnight. The polish does not only shield the bag from moisture but it also reinstates the balance of natural oils in your leather bag.

After staying overnight, you can apply extra polish to the wet places and buff the whole leather surface. This will ensure that the material is protected and remain in great shape.

iv) Store the Bag Right

It is important that you restore the bag in the right way so that it can look good when you’re using it for your next game. The right way to store it is by stuffing the bag with crumpled newspaper so as to retain the right shape and prevent it from creasing, shrinking, or folding. It is vital not to hang your bag as this can wear it out. Keep the bag in a box as this will protect it from moisture and dust particularly in a humid environment.

v) Ensure your bag breathes

Take out your leather bag and ensure it gets some air. If you stay long with your bag untreated, it makes it hard to clean it. Ensure it get some breath, air, and polish.

Additional Tip to ensure that your bag always looks better:
  • Always- Ensure that you clean your bag and it stays clean every time
  • Cleaning- Clean the bag with a dry soft cloth made of cotton or other types of microfiber
  • Storage- Store the leather golf bag in a clean, cool, and dry place
  • What not to do- not to leave your golf bag in a car trunk for long period without proper care

Tips to protect your leather golf grips

Another stuff you should think of taking care of is your leather golf grips. It is true that most golfers neglect the grips when they’re taking care of their golf accessories. If you don’t protect your leather golf grips, it can cause poor control of your golf club and some bad performance on the golf course. Taking care of your bag does not only help to keep your clubs looking good but helps to improve the performance of your game.

How do you clean your leather golf grips?

  • Use a soft cloth to clean the grips each usage
  • After cleaning the grips, take some few minutes to condition the leather using some polish
  • After conditioning, dry wipe the golf grips to eliminate any excess polish

Looking for ideas on how to wash a waterproof golf bag, we got you covered.

Final Thought

Caring for your leather bag should not be a hard or a time-consuming venture. The article has offered you with important tips to clean your leather golf bag so that it remains appealing. Ensure you clean your golf bag and condition it before you polish it. If you polish your leather golf bag without conditioning it, it will create dark spots as anything you place on the bag will be absorbed.

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