I met a friend of mine who is a basketball player over a cup of coffee on the weekend and we had a general discussion about the two games that we play. We both have a better understanding of the game that we play but we’re amateurs in the game that the other person plays. This is to mean that I am a professional in golf but an amateur in basketball while he is an amateur in golf but a professional in basketball. We both agree to those facts respectfully.

As we were discussing, he asked me very simple but essential questions regarding some items that a person should possess while playing the game. My buddy was like, do you need a golf bag to play? How would the golf bag assist you in your game?

Yes, it is a requirement to have a golf bag and clubs so as to play the game. It is always a condition in almost all golf courses that a person should own a golf bag so as to play. For golf clubs, it is not a must that you buy the new club as you can rent some for the game. The reason why you need a quality golf bag is to ensure that your golf gears and equipment are compact so that you can observe the etiquette of the game and maintain the pace of playing the game that does not hold the other players behind.

Take for example you’re allowed to carry about 14 clubs to the golf course, would you carry around the 14 clubs loosely? I guess you can but you may end up wasting time dropping the clubs and ensuring that they’re organized from time to time can slow the other group members. Whether a cart bag or a golf stand bag, you definitely need one.

What equipment do you need to play golf?

Another golfer would say that perhaps you do not require a golf bag to play. But how will you carry up to 14 clubs, golf balls, gloves, tees, rain hood, umbrella, towel, beverage, snacks, extra pencils, golf shoe spikes, mosquito repellant, sunscreen cream, and any other item that you may require while playing your game? How then will you be able to store your valuables such as a watch, car key, and wallet?

Golf being a gentleman’s game, you will require to carry yourself with decorum as the rule demands. Coming to play without a golf bag is not definitely a way of showing decorum and etiquette. Therefore, it is important that a golfer owns a quality golf bag to help in storing golf gears and valuables. My Friend agreed with me.

Our discussion continued after my answer and I also asked him various basketball questions. After we went our separate ways, I checked the search engine to see if there was a discussion around this topic. There was hardly any data and if there was, I felt that it did not address the question effectively. That is why I decided to share this information here so that we can all benefit from the answer. Sharing is Caring. Isn’t it?

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