A cool golf bag will have features to keep your bag organized and ensure you’re comfortable on the course. The modern golf bags are made of advanced design and innovation that have reinvented weighty golf bags of the past into lightweight and stylish golf bags that makes you stand out. If you’re shopping for a new golf bag, we’re here to assist you to figure out how to pick the right golf bag for you.

What Features Should You Look For in a Golf Bag?

  • Golf bag pockets         

Pockets are an essential feature of a golf bag as they’re used for storage. The golf pockets are specifically designed for various functions. Having a bag that has different pockets to perform different functions is important.  A quality golf bag should have a cooler pocket to ensure your drink is cold especially during summertime.

The golf bag can have a lined pocket where you can store valuables such as a phone and keys. It should have a large external pocket where you can keep attires and the bag’s rain hood. There should be a deep pocket for your golf balls, tees, and other equipment. Lastly, it should have a side bottom pocket where you can store items such as Golf Rules Book and Sunscreen.

  • Number of Golf Club Dividers

A golf divider is another significant feature to check when purchasing a golf bag. The divider helps to arrange your golf bag and protect your individual clubs from smashing. The maximum dividers you can get in the market is 15 but I would advise you to go for a 14-way full-length club divider as the golf rules will only allow you to carry 14 clubs in a golf competition.

The dividers permit you to carry a large number of golf clubs easily. A golf bag with numerous dividers means that it is heavy in terms of weight. However, the weight cannot stress you if you’re riding a cart.

  • Golf Bag Strap

If you prefer walking while carrying your bag, you need to buy one that is comfortable so that you don’t hurt your back and shoulders. In buying a golf bag, you should select one with a wide and well-padded strap. It should have plenty of room to adjust so as it can fit your body type.

The straps came in either customized or removable options. When purchasing a golf bag, ensure that you get one that adjusts well so that the golf bag sits squarely on your shoulders with a slight incline to keep all your clubs in the bag.

  • Weight

There are golfers who love to carry their golf bag while playing. If the golf bag is heavy, they would not be able to carry the golf bag well. If you’re a professional golfer, the weight of the bag would not be an issue of concern as you have a caddy to help you carry it.

Also, if you are riding on a golf cart, that wouldn’t be an issue of concern as you wouldn’t have to shoulder the weight for a long period. Nonetheless, if you’re carrying the golf bag as earlier said, you need to buy a lightweight golf bag so that you get some comfort while on the course.

  • Golf Bag Legs

If you like a stand golf bag or golf stands with two retractable legs this is a feature to observe. The legs feature has been introduced recently and they’ve gained popularity. The legs help you bag to stand and you can easily access your valuables and clubs. Also, it ensures that your bag is protected from dirt and stains.

  • Price

There is a misconception that you cannot get a good cheap golf bag. There are golf bags that will cost over $500 while you can find cheap golf bags under $100 that can serve you well. If you can afford an expensive golf bag there is no problem, but if you find one under $200, it can still serve you well.

  • Hooks

A hook is used to perform a different function. If you have plenty of items to display such as towels or tags, you can have a bag with a hook. Also, you can have a clip for your umbrella to protect your golf bag during rainy periods if it’s not waterproof. Nonetheless, it is not a very vital feature to have in your golf bag.

Type of Golf Bags

There are different types of golf bags in the market depending on your preference. The golf bags can include stand bags, staff bags, hybrid bags, Sunday bags, and cart bags. If you like walking when you’re playing golf, you’re looking at a stand bag, Sunday bag, or a hybrid golf bag.

If you’re a professional golfer, you’re probably looking for a Tour golf bag. In case you prefer riding a cart, you’re definitely looking for a cart golf bag. The type of golf bag is an essential factor to check while purchasing a golf bag even before you consider other features.

Just a Quick look at Common Types of Golf Bags

  • Staff Golf Bags are those golf bags that are big and are used by professional for their tours. They’re usually carried by their caddies.
  • Carry Golf Bags are designed to be carried by a cart. They’re designed to be strapped to a golf cart.
  • Carry Golf Bag is a lightweight golf bag that has double straps and they usually have legs
  • Sunday golf bags are ultra lightweight bags that are meant to carry a few golf clubs for an easy leisurely walk

Final Thought

Golf is an interesting game and golfers deserve the best time on the green. A golf bag will offer you an easy time on the greens and make it more worthwhile. The bag will help to keep your things organized and offer a safe way to transport your golf clubs. The article has offered the important features that you should check before buying a golf bag.

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