A golf bag is a vital part of the game as it helps to keep your golf clubs and other golf accessories safe. The best golf bag is a golfer best friend as it will move with you through the rounds. If you’re new to the golf world, it is important to understand each type of golf bag so that you can make the right choice of a golf bag.

The reason we wrote this article is to ensure that you know the different types of golf bags on the market so as to make the best choice. We don’t want you to purchase a staff bag when you’re starting out as this are meant for professionals and may be costly than other types of golf bags. We’re also going to give you links to best-rated golf bags for each type of golf bags.

6 Main Types of Golf Bags

Staff Bags/Tour Bags

Staff bags also known as tour golf bags are bags that are used by professionals who frequently tours on various golf courses to play the game. The staff golf bags are in a different league compared to other types of golf bags. They can be described as spacious, expensive, luxurious, and heavy golf bags that are made of high-quality materials.

The staff golf bags weigh about 12 pounds and you will require an individual caddy to help carry the bag. If you don’t have a caddy to carry the bag, it would be a hectic work for you to carry it in the golf course. The expensive golf bag is great if you’re a professional player and I wouldn’t advise a beginner to buy it.

Cart Bags

The cart bags or trolley bags are designed to be carried around on a cart or for people who use carts to play golf. They are quite unique as they entail a non-slip base that ensures your bag doesn’t slide-off the cart while it’s moving. In case you prefer to walk around the course while you’re carrying a golf bag in your shoulder or back, this is not the best option for you.

The cart golf bag is lighter and smaller in size compared to tour bags and weighs around 6-7 pounds to permit easy movement when placed on the cart. They have great pockets though they are lesser compared to those of the tour bag. The bags are usually positioned on the front to ensure easy access of your valuables when positioned in a cart.

Stand Bags

The stand bag is a unique bag that is ideal for carrying while walking the course. They are much lighter than other types of golf bags. The bag has two retractable legs that aid to ensure your bag stands well on the course and you can be able to access your bag easily. It makes your golf bag to stay clean and also makes it easy to access any golf club while playing a round of golf.

The stand golf bag is lightweight and weighs about 5 pounds or less. They’re a popular choice for golfers that like to carry their golf bags and walk between holes. The golf bag has comfy straps that distribute the golf weight across both the shoulders and back. The golf bag has a hip pad to prevent any rubbing when carrying the golf course.

Travel Bags

The travel bag is a unique type of golf bag that is not designed to be carried on the golf course but used when traveling. The golf bag is usually made to keep your valuables safe. It has a cover or a padded top that ensures it is covered nicely to protect your accessories. A golf travel bag is perfect for those who fly around and would wish to carry their golf clubs and continue enjoying the game.

Pencil or Sunday Bags

It is a type of a carry bag that is small in size and is lightest among all the golf bags. They are designed to be comfortably carried by golfers who prefer to walk on the golf course. The golf bags are extremely lightweight and weigh about 2 pounds. They can easily be stored in a car or locker.

The bag comes with fewer pockets compared to other different types of golf bags. The other type of golf bags will have like 8 pockets but pencil bags have a couple of pockets. Also, it features a couple of dividers, unlike the others that have 14 ways dividers.

This bag will only allow you to carry vital essentials and a few clubs to enjoy your game. The golf bag is affordable and will help you to burn some calories. If you just want to enjoy a sunny day or drive to the golf course and enjoy some time there, this is a good choice for you.

Waterproof Golf Bags

The weather can change while you’re in the golf course. If it starts to rain while you’re in the course, your accessories can be rained on and they get destroyed and that is why you need to purchase the best waterproof golf bag to protect your accessories from any destruction.

The waterproof golf bag often tends to be lightweight compared to ordinary golf bags. They’re made of innovative materials such as nylon that doesn’t allow water to enter the bag. The bag is stylish and you can rock on it on the course.

Other Types of Golf Bags:

Ladies Golf Bags – 

Who doesn’t know that women love great-looking stuff? There are ladies golf bags that are specially designed to accommodate all women’s needs. The best women’s golf bags are lightweight and attractive to make you stand out in a crowd.

Leather Golf Bags –

 Leather golf bags are custom made golf bags that are made for golfers who like stature. The luxurious golf bags are for those golfers who want to make a status. They’re costly but are durable golf bags and will offer you the best service.


The article has explored different types of golf bags. It has offered some highlighted links that you can click and read on reviews of the best golf bags on the market. I hope we have been able to explain it in a manner that you understand.

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