There is no doubt that carrying your bag in your shoulders and back is a great workout. Nonetheless, if you don’t carry it the correct way, you may harm your back within an hour in the golf course. It is necessary to ensure that you carry your bag the right way to eliminate any pain or damage to your body.

Numerous golfers are familiar with carrying a double strap golf bag as most of the modern golf bags are constructed using this system. I have seen complains by most golfers that they feel like the clubs are falling out and they’re having a hard time to carry their bags. If you find yourself in such a situation you can adjust the straps so that the upper one is shorter making the bag to be lower. By doing this, you ensure that your bag is at an angle to ensure the golf clubs stay in the bag.

This article will explain to you how to prepare and organize your golf bag before carrying it. Lastly, it will explain how to carry your single strap bag comfortable so that you do not hurt your body. But before that, let us check on the features of a single strap bag.

Features of Single Strap Bags

a) Easy access to the clubs

If you carry a single strap golf bag, it allows easy access to your clubs. However, the single strap places all the weight of the golf bag in one shoulder.

b) Can be used by both amateur and professionals

It is considered a traditional style of golf bags and there are golfers around the globe who prefer sticking to this kind of bag.

c) Golfers use the ‘stick’ technique to carry the single strap golf bag

Those who use single-strap mostly apply the ‘stick’ method when you’re carrying a golf bag. It is advisable that you wear a bag with the clubs facing behind and use you’re the free arm to pull the top of the golf bag across the back, keep it in a horizontal pose. The stick method helps to even out the weight of the golf bag and help to lessen fatigue.

Types of Single Strap Golf Bags for Buyers to choose from:

i) Standard Carry Bag

These are lightweight golf bags that are easy to pick up and carry. The golf bags come with either a dual or single strap.

ii) Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag

The Sunday Golf Bags are made to be stylish and slicker. They’re narrow and are designed to carry some few clubs. Also, it is elastic and can be rolled up after the game. Most of the pencil golf bags have a single strap.

iii) Stand Bag

The bag can come with a single strap. The stand golf bag has two retractable legs that allow it to stand independently making it easy to access the dividers and pockets of the bag. Stand bags can either have a dual or a single strap.

How to set up your golf bag: A Step-by-Step Guide for organizing your Golf Bag

Before getting to the process of carrying your golf bag, you need to follow an ideal golf bag setup to ensure that it is ready to be carried. The steps outlined are vital as they will help you get a clear thought if any further adjustments that are required to be made before heading to the golf course.

Step 1: Make any early adjustments before loading your clubs

It is important that you make any necessary adjustments as early as possible as it is easy to deal with an empty golf bag rather than when the bag is filled with clubs. Start with adjusting your golf straps until it fits your frame size effectively.

Step 2: Start Loading your Clubs

After making your adjustments, start by loading your clubs to the bag. In loading, start with the loading heavy and long clubs. Ideally, it is important to put the golf clubs in the slots that are closest to shoulder strap. This ensures that the heaviest weight sits closer and higher to your bag so that the back of your body remains protected from injury.

The long irons can be placed in the center of the golf bag while you can place the shorter irons in the remaining slots. However, you need to make sure that you pay close notice to how they are placed to ensure the bag is balanced.

Step 3: Distribute the Accessories

A golf bag carries other accessories such as tees, shoes, towels, and balls. A golfer may think that the small items may not add a lot of weight to your bag. However, carrying a bag loaded with such small items for hours will make the difference. If you effectively distribute the items in your golf bag, you will have a good balance and you will be comfortable carrying the bag.

Step 4: Do the Final Adjustments

After you have achieved the perfect weight distribution in your bag, it’s time you make your final adjustments. When you carry the bag like half an hour, it is advisable that after half an hour and decides whether it feels heavier in some compartments and lighter than others. After you are done sorting the clubs, you can continue with your game feeling comfortable.

4 Tips to Carry a Golf Bag with one Strap

After arranging your golf bag in perfect condition, it is now time to see the best way to carry your single strap golf bag. The main idea is to ensure that you limit the amount of strain on the neck, back, and shoulder to avoid muscle fatigue.

  1. Carry the bag using your legs

If you’re carrying anything heavy, focus on putting most of the weight on your legs and not on your back. Also, when you’re lifting, ensure that most of the weight goes to your legs.

  1. Utilize the Lift Handle

Most of the golf bags will come equipped with a lift handle. This handle offers you with a simple technique o lifting your bag up from the ground. It is always advisable to use the lift handle to perform most of the job for you.

  1. Carry the Golf Bag using your dominant shoulder

If you use your right hand, that is the dominant hand and it is most likely to be stronger than the opposite side. It is important that you ensure that the strap is comfy so that it doesn’t add extra pressure in your body or dig into your skin. In case you feel any form of discomfort, try to readjust the shoulder strap until it perfectly sits on your shoulder.

  1. Depend on a Golf Cart

If you still not able to find the best way to carry a single strap bag, it is important to use a cart. There are a lot of cart golf bags that are designed to be carried in a cart and it can make the work easy. A golf cart can be purchased or rented and you can have some enjoyable moments on the course.

Final Thought

Carrying a single strap golf bag may seem simple but it needs a lot of skills so that you can be safe as you carry it around. This guide and tips are designed to assist you not to hurt your muscles or get fatigue after the game.

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