There is no doubt that Sun Mountain is a big brand in the golfing industry. They have made a name for themselves as a leading manufacturer of best golf bags and related equipment. The company has been consistent with quality and always embarked on serious innovation so as to create superior bags that match the taste of different consumers.The Sun Mountain Golf Bags have continued to dominate the golf course for a period of over three decades. For over 30 years, the company has persistently innovated modern lightweight golf bags that have solid features making the bags long lasting. As a golf enthusiast, I have used their bags and I have never been disappointed on the golf course.

Table of 10 Sun Mountain Golf Bag Reviews

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart BagBest Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bags See Amazon Price Here
Sun Mountain Golf Stand Golf BagBest Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Golf H2NO Lite Stand BagBest Sun Mountain Waterproof Golf Bags See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Golf- Ladies LS1 Cart BagBest Sun Mountain Ladies Golf Bag See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Leather Collection Sunday Golf BagBest Sun Mountain Leather Golf Bag See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Golf Travel BagBest Golf Travel Bag See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain 2018Phantom Men’s Golf Cart BagBest Sun Mountain Men’s Golf Bag See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain 2017 X-1 Cart Golf BagBest Sun Mountain Golf Bag under 200 See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain Front 9 Stand Golf BagBest Carry Golf Bag See Amazon Price
Sun Mountain 2019 2.5+ Stand BagBest Lightweight Golf Bag See Amazon Price

This article will offer you a comprehensive review of 10 top-rated Sun Mountain Golf Bag designs that you can buy without breaking the bank. The review will also give you prominent features that make the Sun Mountain Golf Bag stand out as the best brand on the market.

10 Best Sun Mountain Golf Bags

1. Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bags: Sun Mountain C-130 Supercharged Cart Bag

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Sun Mountain golf bags c 130 cart bag are the most popular cart bag on the golf course. The 14-way full-length divider bag protects the club from rattling and ensures that they’re better organized.

The cart bag has a supercharged model (Philips Power Bank 7800 mAh) that has a rechargeable power pack that can be able to charge your mobile phone three times and you don’t have to worry about your phone losing power or not streaming music. The golf bag was designed for golfers who prefer to ride on the cart as they play the gentleman’s game. The bag has ample storage due to its numerous pockets (11) that are reachable even when the bag is on the cart.

It has three handles that are integrated on the top of the golf bag to ensure that you can easily lift the bag to and from the cart. It also has Velcro straps on the back of the golf bag that attaches it firmly on the cart while riding to avoid the straps interfering with the usage of the pocket.

It weighs about 6.9 lbs

What we loved about the bag

  • 14-way top divider
  • 11 pockets that face forward for easy accessibility
  • Rechargeable power pack
  • Two USB ports
  • The new smart strap system

2. Sun Mountain Golf Stand Bag: Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag

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If you are looking for the best stand golf bag that is lightweight and you carry it easily without having to ride a cart or pay for a caddy, then this is the best choice for you. Nonetheless, you can carry it on your back and shoulder or use a cart depending on your preference

The Sun Mountain Stand golf bag is well made and it is light as it only weighs about 4.5 pounds. It has 14-way full-length club slots that ensure the safety of your golf clubs and easy organization.

The bag has plenty of space from its 8 pockets that include one pocket that is waterproof and you can be assured of the safety of your valuables even during bad weather. The bag has a dual carry strap that ensures your comfy while carrying it and it has all cart friendly features such as cart bottom and a pass-through cart strap.

What we loved about the bag

  • 14 –way divider
  • Sturdy construction and legs
  • Cart-friendly creation
  • Dual carry comfortable strap
  • Matching rain hood

3. Best Waterproof Golf Bags: Sun Mountain Golf 2019 H2NO Lite Stand Bag

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Sun Mountain has arguably one of the best waterproof golf bags in the market. The water-resistant bag is built on the achievement of the original H2NO.

If you’re enjoying your game, the bag ensures that the little raindrops do not spoil the game. It protects your valuables and you get to enjoy the game knowing your items are safe. Apart from the water-resistant material, the bag comes with a rain hood to ensure you’re fully protected.

The Sun Mountain Lite Stand Bag is constructed with a sturdy watertight technology. The cheap golf bag has sealed seams and has quality YKK zippers. The fabric of the golf carrier is coated on both sides with a 2000 mm waterproof coating to ensure that no water can penetrate the inside of the golf bag.

It has a comfy double strap that makes easy to carry without hurting your back. The waterproof bag has 6 pockets that include a beverage pocket, full-length clothing pocket, and velour-lined pouch for your valuables. It measures 4.8 pounds making it a light weight golf bag.

What we loved

  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy construction
  • Dual strap
  • Lightweight
  • Large pockets

4. Best Sun Mountain Ladies Golf Bag: Sun Mountain Golf- Ladies LS1 Cart Bag

 See Amazon Price

A lady will want to have a golf bag that stands out, is elegant, and offers the best service while o the golf course and that is why there is a special golf bag made for women. The golf bag is made with a lot of features that makes it efficient for women golfers.

The Sun Mountains womens golf bags has 15 individual, full-length dividers that ensure a great organization of your clubs. The organization ensures that your expensive clubs don’t smash on each other. The golf bag is designed for use in a push or riding cart.

Women will love pockets so that they can be able to carry a lot of their items to the golf course. The bag has 8 pockets that include a cooler pocket, rangefinder pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, multiple accessory pockets, and a full-length clothing pocket. All these pockets are forward-facing and are easily reached when the golf bag is on a cart.

What we loved

  • Elegant Design
  • 15-way top dividers
  • 8 pockets which are easily accessible
  • Assist handles to carry the bag
  • Matching rainhood

5. Best Sun Mountain Leather Golf Bag: Sun Mountain 2018 Leather Collection Sunday Golf Bag

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If you’re a lover of golf leather bags, then this golf bag is ideal for you as it has nice quality leather that would serve you for the longest period.

The bag is made of finest YAK leather that displays a rich tradition of the game. The leather golf bag is lightweight as it is made of contemporary materials that help to minimize weight making the Sunday Golf Bag easy to carry.

The golf carrier has a 9 in four full-length dividers and a leather-wrapped top that helps to protect club shafts. The pockets of this golf bag are deep and have velour-lined valuables pocket. It has a comfy shoulder strap that helps you to carry the bag with ease.

What we loved about the bag

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lift-assist handles built-in
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Umbrella holder

6. Best Golf Travel Bag: Sun Mountain 2018 ClubGlider Meridian Golf Travel Bag

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This Sun Mountain Golf Travel Bag is an amazing travel bag. The design of the golf bag is simple to pack and travel with it in every part of the world.

The golf bag has dense foam padding through the top of the bag to shield your clubs during the severity of travel. The leg mechanism of the golf bag is retracted and extended in one easy motion ensuring there is no kneeling on the ground to unload and load your golf bag.

The bag has two-way heavy-duty zippers that run the full length of the golf bag for easy loading. Also, the golf bag has two pockets that have exterior access only.

What we loved about the bag

  • Leg mechanism
  • Pivoting caster wheels
  • Golf cover

7. Best Sun Mountain Men’s Golf Bag: Sun Mountain 2018Phantom Men’s Golf Cart Bag

 See Amazon Price

This golf bag is specifically made for men. It is a super bag that allows good organization and easy access to your clubs. The full-length of your golf bag protect your clubs from crashing with each other and ensure they remain durable.

It is lightweight but strong and it will give you the best service. It has enough storage where you can store your valuables. The cool golf bag ensures that you’re able to access your pockets even when the bag is sitting on the cart. The bag has a cooler pocket, full-length clothing pocket, and pockets to store your valuables.

If you want an attractive golf bag, then this one has an awesome design. The bag has two integrated lift-assist handles that can be used to lift the golf bag off and on the cart.

What we loved about the bag

  • 15-individual dividers
  • 8 pockets
  • Lift-assist handles
  • Matching handles

8. Best Sun Mountain Golf Bag under 200: Sun Mountain 2017 X-1 Cart Golf Bag

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If you’re on a budget and you want a Sun Mountain Golf Bag under 200, this is the best golf bag to buy. The bag has 15 individual slots or dividers that run the full length of the golf bag to protect the golf clubs from smashing against each other.

The cart bag has pockets that are forward-facing and they’re easily accessible when it is on a cart. It has three lift-assist handles that are built into the golf bag to make it easy to lift from the cart to the ground and vice-versa.

The bottom of the golf bag is well molded to rest on a cart and on the golf course. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best golf bag under $200, then this is a good choice.

What we loved about the bag

  • 15-way top with full-length dividers
  • Lift handles
  • Devoted putter tube
  • Cooler pocket
  • Matching rainhood
  • Pockets are forward-facing

9. Best Carry Golf Bag: Sun Mountain Front 9 Stand Golf Bag

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If you’re looking for the best carry golf bag, this Sun Mountain Stand Golf bag will serve you well. The top-rated golf bag ensures that you get comfy while on the course.

What do you look for when you’re buying a golf bag? Check for a bag with a comfortable strap. The contoured straps are constructed with 3-layer make for a comfy carry. It attaches to the top moving the gravity of the golf bag the bag to the center resulting in a more balanced bag and an easy carry. A good strap will ensure that it doesn’t hurt your back and shoulder.

The golf bag has six pockets that include one for a beverage pouch and a valuable pocket for water-resistant.  The golf carrier is good for anyone who prefers walking while playing golf.

What we loved about the golf

  • Contoured straps
  • 6 pockets
  • Stands
  1. Best Lightweight Golf Bag: Sun Mountain 2019 2.5+ Stand Bag

 See Amazon Price

If you’re looking for a golf bag that is as light as a feather but still made of high-quality construction, this bag got you covered. This Sun Mountain golf bag weighs about 2.5 pounds and is easy to carry.

The lightweight golf bag has comfy shoulder straps that contain high-density contoured fluff that makes it easy to carry. The X-Strap is easy to take on and off. It has 5 pockets that include a beverage pouch and a zippered ball pocket. The best lightweight Sun Mountain golf bag has 4-way top dividers that offer good organization of clubs.

The best-rated golf bag has carbon fiber legs that are highly durable and you can always keep it in an upright position for easy removal of the golf clubs. Therefore, if you want an ultra-light golf bag, this is the best choice.

What we loved

  • It’s Ultralight
  • Carbon fiber legs
  • Pockets
  • Sturdy stand

5 Features of Sun Mountain Golf Bags

The Sun Mountain Golf Bags reviews show that there are numerous reasons to buy a Sun Mountain product. The other golf bag brands such as Ogio may have the same features but the Sun Mountain Golf Bag products have better quality that stands out. As much as there may be 5 features of Sun Mountain Golf Bags, these 5 features are the reason you should purchase a Sun Mountain Golf bag.

  1. Great Design

The Sun Mountain Golf Bag will help you to make a statement or stand out in the golf course. There are wide ranges of colors that you can use to select from within with modern models. The numerous designs are generally above average and there is always a possibility that you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Consistent Prices

The golf bags have a mid-range price and they don’t change their prices often. Thus, most of their golf bag products will have consistent pricing and your issue will be based on features rather than the price of a product. The prices are not exaggerated like some golf bags that would cost close to $1,000.

  1. Specialty Pockets

A good golf bag should have specialty pockets such as cooler pockets where you can carry a beer or a velour lined pockets to store valuables. Sun Mountain Golf Bags has made it their business to include more pockets in their golf bags to ensure that most of your items are accommodated.

  1. Lightweight

A golf bag should be lightweight and easy to carry. Sun Mountain has used better materials that are lightweight but durable to ensure that you don’t find it hard to carry it around. Thus, if you’re carrying a lot of items in your golf bag, the lightweight golf bag will assist you to shed some few pounds off the general weight.

  1. Comfy Strap

The strap ensures that you are comfortable carrying the golf bag on the back and shoulder. A golfer does a lot of walking on the course and having a comfy x-strap system will assist to balance the weight. The Sun Mountain Golf Bag has extra thick foam padding for those users with shoulder problems and wouldn’t love to worsen the injury.

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