If you have decided to start playing golf regardless of your age, it is always hectic deciding which bag to buy since there are many options in the market which makes the process overwhelming. Instead of spending more time deciding the one to buy, we are here to help you make an informed decision within a short time. It is very important that you find the best bag perfect for your golf clubs and one you will feel comfortable with and suit your needs. If you are a beginner or an experienced player, we hope the reviews in this article will help you find the best golf bag under 300 for the season.

Our Top Picks

Sun Mountain 2019Best OverallSee Amazon Price
Taylor Made Flextech CrossoverBest Stand Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Sun Mountain 2018 C-130Best Cart Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Callaway Golf 2018Best Golf Bag with numerous pocketsSee Amazon Price
PING Golf Men’s Cart BagBest Men’s Cart BagSee Amazon Price
IZZO Versa Stand Golf BagBest Hybrid Stand Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Callaway Golf 2018Best Lightweight Golf BagSee Amazon Price
Titleist Golf Stand BagBest Titleist Golf Bag under 300See Amazon Price
Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart BagBest Golf Bag with 14-way dividersSee Amazon Price
OGIO Shadow Fuse 304 Golf Stand BagBest Ogio Golf Bag under 300See Amazon Price

10 Best Golf Bags Under 300

1. Best Overall: Sun Mountain 2019 4.5 Ls 14-Way Stand Bag

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This is a 14-way stand bag designed by Sun Mountain with a large top containing 14-way full-length dividers to enable each golf club to sit on its own without tangling. The bag’s bottom is cart friendly allowing you to use it in all rounds whether walking or by using a cart. Its handle is integrated to make picking it up much easier while the full-length box dividers ensure that your clubs are well organized for an easy way to put them in and to retrieve. This golf bag has 3 layer technologies on the shoulder strap to ensure you feel comfortable when carrying it. There is also air flow hip pad and lumbar support to increase the rate of ventilation and top-mounted leg mechanism for stability.  Its legs and foot pads are lightweight making it easy for you to carry if there is no cart to carry with. What also drew us to this bag is the water-proof valuable pockets and availability of towel holder, pen holder, umbrella holder, and a rain hood.

What we loved

– 14 full-length dividers

– A pass-through cart strap

-Lock system on the leg

-The bottom is cart bottom


– 9 pockets

-Two valuable pockets

– A water-resistant pocket

-Available in many colors

-Perfect for riding a cart

-The pockets are always accessible

-It is durable

What we did not like

-The cooler pocket only holds two cans


-Weighs 4.5 lbs

2. Best Stand Golf Bag: Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

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This Taylor Made Flextech bag is lightweight 14-way top dividers stand bag perfect for almost every golfer that can be carried around with much flexibility, speed and comfort. It has a dual density release strap that can be released quickly for easy carrying to a cart and quick strap release system to ensure comfort and stability when carrying it and easy detachment if using a cart. There is a valuable pocket in the stand golf bag that protects all your valuables from the weather and any scratches. Its stand system has a smooth release and a collapsible system at the base to make sure the clubs do not stick. You can easily maneuver with the presence of a webbing trunk and top carry handles. The clubs will not crush since the dividers are full-length. It also has an insulated water pocket and a velcro glove tab. This bag gives an assurance of your valuable’s safety such as phone, keys, wallet and others even when rainy since the pocket is waterproof.

What we loved

-Accessible insulated pocket water bottle

-Water resistant valuable pocket

-Easy and comfortable to carry

-14 top dividers

-Tee pocket, umbrella sleeve, and a pen sleeve

-Top carry handle

-Rain hood

-10 Pockets

-Cart compatible base

-Durable construction

What we did not like

-Small beverage cooler pocket

-Full-length dividers are only four

-Has a weight of 5.7 pounds

3. Best Cart Golf Bag: Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

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This C-130 cart bag has been redesigned by Sun Mountain making it the best cart bag under $300. It has 3 utility handles that are integrated to the top for easy carrying into and from your cart and pockets which are easily accessible. It has a putter well and a smart strap system which uses velcro straps on the back to attach to the cart even when putter well is open. There are a lot of pockets up to 10 to store everything you need and 14-way full-length dividers to ensure your clubs are well organized and do not rattle. The putter well is integrated to protect the putter and make it easily accessible while the reverse orientation top ensures easy access of clubs. The shoulder strap has single padding for comfort when carrying it. The cart golf bag is available in many colors to choose from. You can carry drinks in the cooler pocket and an umbrella. This bag is one of the best you can’t miss having.

What we loved

-14 full-length dividers

-Comfortable shoulder strap padding

-The 2 valuable pockets

-9 pockets

-Durable construction

-Rain hood

-Easily accessible pockets even when the bag is on a cart

-3 top utility handles

-Weighs 6.7 pounds

What we did not like

-The cooler pocket is too small suitable for 2 cans

4. Best Golf Bag with numerous pockets: Callaway Golf 2018 

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With 14-way to full-length dividers, this Callaway cart bag is best for you when on the course. Your clubs will be well organized with each having their own spot and crowding and rattling will be eliminated. It features 2 insulated beverage pockets you can put your beer so that you can enjoy while on the course. This Org 14 is the best selling Callaway brand. It also offers 12 pockets which you can store everything you need for the game. There is also a magnetic pocket made for your range finder, dual valuable magnetic pockets for easy access. The bag is constructed durable fabric with tour branding for it to have its own style. The 2016 version weighs 5.6 pounds with 2018 one weighing around 5 pounds which is not that big difference.

What we loved

-14-way full-length dividers

-Insulated beverage pockets

-Magnetic range finder pocket

-12 pockets

-Rain hood

-Weighs 5.6 pounds

-E-trolley base system that makes it easy to use in a push cart

What we did not like

-The 2016 version is heavier than 2015 version

5. Best Men’s Golf Bag: PING Golf Men’s Traverse II Cart Bag

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This PING men’s Traverse II Cart Bag is lightweight with anti-flex wall construction and air mesh cushioned dividers. It has a cooler pocket you can carry your drinks and full-length dividers to ensure your clubs do not rub each other and remain well organized so that it becomes easy to retrieve and put it back. There is an umbrella sleeve on the side that is easy to access even when on the cart and enough pockets to fit all your gadgets for the course. This bag, however, has two large club dividers but no putter well. You can be able to store all your golf gadgets since there is plenty of storage space. Whenever on the cart, the straps remain hidden so that it cannot interfere with the pockets making access easy.

What we loved


-Air mesh cushioned dividers

-Cooler pockets

-2 large club dividers

-Multiple storage pockets

-Full-length dividers


What we did not like

-It has no putter well

6. Best Hybrid Stand Golf Bag: IZZO Versa Stand Golf Bag 

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The IZZO Versa stand bag is one of the world’s finest you should consider having especially if you love riding and walking. It combines carry’s bag stand mechanism, lightweight compact design of stand bags with extra storage and club dividers of a cart bag. It has 11 club dividers to keep your clubs organized and separate and magnetic pockets that are easy to open and close. There are also water-resistant valuable pockets with velour lining to keep all your valuables safe from the weather, a metal towel loop, and insulated cooler pocket. The bag can be transformed into a cart bag making it versatile for your needs as a golfer. It fits perfectly into the cart and does not keep moving. Unzip ball pockets then send it for free personalization to IZZO. The best thing about it is that it has a portable charger for charging your GPS, speaker or phone while on course. It comes in a variety of colors so that you can pick one you love.

What we loved

-Free personalization

-Variety of colors

-Portable charger

-Extra storage

-Insulated cooler pocket

-Water-resistant valuables pocket

-Velcro glove holder

-Towel loop and a bottle opener

7. Best Lightweight Golf Bag: Callaway Golf 2018 Hyper Lite

See Amazon Price

This Callaway 2018 Hyper Lite 5 stand bag is lightweight with many storage pockets and club slots perfect to take it on the course. Callaway Hyper Lite 5 has new outward easy club positioning and magnetic valuable pocket that is easily accessible and protects all your valuables such as wallet, keys, phone and many. It features a self-balancing and x-act fit strap system. There is a strap down umbrella bungee to put your umbrella so that in case the Mother Nature changes you can retrieve it easily and an individual cell phone sleeve to protect it. The best lightweight golf bag umbrella holder can perfectly hold the putter if the handle is made of jumbo. Both your hybrids and metals are well organized so you can retrieve them easily.

What we loved

-Easily accessible magnetic valuable pocket

-Easy club outward positioning

-Cell phone sleeve

-Umbrella bungee

-X-act fit and self-balancing strap system

8. Best Titleist Golf Bag under 300: Titleist Golf Stand Bag 

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This Titleist stand bag will be good to take out on the course since it can hold enough clubs, balls, and other golf gadgets. You can carry it or put it on a cart with ease. There are about 9 pockets you can store all your accessories and a valuable waterproof pocket with a protective sturdy to keep your valuables safe at all times. Its strap is convertible and has premium cushioning foam so that whenever carrying it, you will feel comfortable.

What we loved

-Flex base design stand system

-Waterproof valuable pockets

-Double apparel pocket

-The cushioned convertible strap system

-It comes with a Rain hood

-Durable construction

-2 full-length dividers

-Water-resistant zipper

-The straps are well padded

-Weighs almost 5.5 pounds

What we did not like

-There are only six pockets

-Top divider system is only 4-way

9. Best Golf Bag with 14-way dividers: Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 Cart Bag

See Amazon Price

Callaway is known for designing the best golf bags and you can’t miss out. There are 14-way full-length dividers on top to put your clubs in individual slots to avoid crowding and clubs tangling. This also keeps them organized so that you can easily access them. This bag also has 2 insulated beverage pockets with drain port that can fit up to 6 packs so that even if you are going to play out with your buddy the drinks will be enough. It features 2 valuable magnetic pockets that are easily accessible, dual pen holders, velcro glove strap, big net pockets that a jacket can fit and a range finder magnetic pocket. There are plenty of pockets to store all you need for your golf course and magnetic closures replacing zippers since they cannot damage easily. It is lightweight, easy to move from one round to another and comes with a bottle opener.

What we loved

-14-way full-length dividers

-2 Insulated beverage pockets

-2 magnetic valuable pockets

-Magnetic range finder pocket

-Dual pen holder

-Bootle opener

-Velcro glove strap


10. Best Ogio Golf Bag under 100: OGIO Shadow Fuse 304 Golf Stand Bag

See Amazon Price

It is a lightweight and performance focused stand bag where mobility and comfort when carrying it on your back has been put into consideration. The ogio golf bag is constructed with anti-abrasion rip stop fabric with refined integrated design to make it light, durable and for best performance. With fit disc system and redesigned straps, weight is distributed with comfort, balance, accessible pockets and adjustable straps. This golf bag under 100 has 4 way top handles, water-resistant valuable pockets, towel loop, umbrella cord that is adjustable and accessible pockets which offers large storage capacity with the 5 zippered pockets. With such a bag, you can enjoy every bit of your moment in the golf course.

What we loved

-Water resistant valuable pockets

-Adjustable umbrella cord

-4 -way top with handle

-Accessible pockets

-Towel loop and pen holder

-Retention loop


What we did not like

-It only has 5 zippered pockets

Golf Bags for under $300 Buying Guide

Types of golf bags

There are four types of golf bags that categorize golf bags available in the market. In case you are not sure yet which type to go with, then it is important to look at them differently to be able to understand more for you to make an easy decision. These types include:

– Carry bags

– Cart bags

– Tour/staff bags

– Stand bags

i. Carry bag

This kind of bag is perfect for you if you are looking for a lightweight bag weighing almost two pounds. It is designed to hold a few clubs and mostly referred to as Sunday bags by many. You can carry it but has no stand and provides you with enough space for your tees, balls and few clubs. This makes it not good enough for everyday use but you can take it with you for use in case you did not expect to be on course.

ii. Cart bag

This is perfect for you if intent to leave it on a golf cart or plan to use a pull or push cart. It has more space compared to a carry bag as it comes with additional features other bags do not offer. They include pockets for valuables, large divider system, and cooler pocket. We recommend this bag if you plan to spend most of your time on the course. It may, however, weigh around 6 or 7 pounds.

iii. Staff or Tour bag

If you are a pro, then this bag is probably meant for you. The staff golf bags are very heavy and commonly used by professionals since they can’t lug such bags around. These bags always remain strapped to a cart because of its weight and big size which is around 10 pounds. They are also expensive.

iv. Stand bag

This bag is made to suit a golfer who wants to carry his own clubs. The bag has a stand that allows you to prop it on the ground when you want to tee off. Its legs are non-intrusive where the pop when you want to prop it up and later retract easily when you want to carry it to the next hole. It is large than a carry bag and smaller compared to a cart bag. It has top divider system which you can put a set of golf clubs. Stand bag can weigh up to 5 pounds with other being lightweight.

Important features to look for in a golf bag

This comes in once you have decided the type of bag to buy, it is very important that you consider features a bag should have. The different bags available in the market mostly have these features although availability may vary depending on the model. The features we have outlined below enable you to find the best golf bag that will suit you.

i. Weight

Weight should be an important feature to consider while buying a golf bag. Something every golfer always wants to avoid is hurting your bag by carrying your clubs around. If you plan to use a pull or push cart, it is also necessary that the bag you pick is not heavy. So long as the bag has other important features, pick the one that is lightweight.

ii. Number of pockets

As a golfer, you will need a bag with many pockets to store other necessities apart from your balls or tees. In areas with rain, a bag that can accommodate light jacket, rainwear or an umbrella holder pocket. An apparel jacket is ideal in such a case. The valuable pockets are good for your phone, keys, wallet and other valuables. One with beverage holster is also good to hold your water or cooler pocket for other drinks.

iii. Divider system

This varies from one bag to another and it is crucial that you ensure that the bag’s divider system meets your needs. There are those with no divider system. A bag with a divider system enables you to find a club easily. Most cart bags have 1-way dividers with each club having a different spot. It is only high-end bags that have been designed to have a divider system that is full-length. Other bags have top divider system, hence, these bags make the club shafts have contact.

iv. Towel ring

This towel ring, clip or loop is located at the side and mostly found in high-end bags. It is important because you can use such as a towel to wipe mud from your gear. Pick one you love whether it is a clip, ring or a loop.

v. Rain cover

Some high options often come with a rain cover or hood that helps in protecting your bag from the rains. In case the bag you love does not feature this, then you have the option of buying it.

vi. Travel hood

A travel hood is important for golfers who plan to take it along on a plane. If you bag don’t have this feature, then choose one which can fit into your luggage.

vii. Putter well

This is designed for your putter although not all bags have it. It helps prevent your putter from damaging the club shafts while keeping the putter’s head protected.

– Features for a carry bag

The straps must fit the way you want. There are those with a backpack-style and others have a strap with a single messenger-bag style.  Make sure that the straps have adequate padding and if intent to place it on a wet ground then ensure it has a water resistant feature. If you want a divider system the check out since all bags does not have it.

– Features of a stand bag

The stand mechanism is an important feature to consider and make sure it works the way you love. Pick one with a backpack-style because it is able to support full set clubs. The straps must also have good padding and the height when standing should not be too small or too big for you.

– Features of cart bag

The best golf bag under 300 requires a flat base so that it can sit on the cart well. This kind of golf bag needs to have good handle in order to ensure that it is comfortable and is durable for long time use in course. The bag should have enough pockets to accommodate all your gears. These pockets must also be accessible for you to easily retrieve whatever you want even when on a cart.

How to take care of your golf bag

Whenever you take your bag on the course, it will definitely get dirty. However, the process of taking care of your bag is much easier, thus, there is no need to worry. In case your bag collects dirt, debris or pollen on outside, then use a bristle brush and a damp cloth to clean it. For mold or mildew which comes as a result of placing some wet item in a pocket, vinegar solution and water is ideal to clean it. Make sure to remove anything wet and leave the pocket to dry to prevent such situations.

Storing your bag in a closet when home reduces the amount of dust that can settle on your bag. You can also cover it with a towel or a rain cover in order to avoid dust particles settling on it. Avoid leaving it in the sun since the rays break the fabric down and make it less durable.


A golf bag under 300 dollars is affordable and very durable. With such a bag, you will be able to receive extra features that will suit you and make it fit to take out to the course. First, you should understand the kind of bag you want and later put into consideration the crucial factors a bag should entail to be able to get the best one perfect for you.

These are not the only best bags but they are among them and writing this article is to help you make an informed decision if you are a beginner or is not satisfied with your current golf bag. We hope that you will find one that will suit you after going through the whole article. In this article, we have considered some of customers reviews who have found them to be best on one way or another. Make an informed choice and avoid the hustle in taking a long time choosing your bag by selecting one of the above.

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