There are golfers who won’t see the need for washing a golf bag because they don’t think it adds anything on their score. What they do not understand is that the bag is meant to guard your clubs from dirt, and a bag that has accumulated grime will do a poor job in protecting your valuables.

A professional golfer knows the benefits of good maintenance of a golf carrier. They know that if they do not take proper care of the golf bag, the clubs will wear down particularly if all your stuff is packed in the basement waiting for the start of the next golf season. But how do you clean your golf bag? The article offers you the best way to clean your golf bag and leave it sparkling clean.

How to wash your Golf Bag

While cleaning your golf bag, follow the following easy steps:

Step 1

Empty the bag by removing all the contents from your golf bag under 200. Don’t forget to empty all pockets.

Step 2

Lightly spray some water all over the bag

Step 3

Mix up mild soap in some warm water and then take a soft rag or a clean cloth and use it to scrub the bag until it is clean. In case you want to remove some stain, try to use your household stain remover (Be careful not to damage the bag by scrubbing it hard)

Step 4

Continue scrubbing smoothly and be cautious not to rub hard or else you dent/damage the stitching of the golf bag.

Step 5

After the cleaning, use a hose/pipe to rinse the golf bag thoroughly with clean water.

Step 6

Once your bag is clean, permit it to dry in a shaded area or overnight.

Step 7

If your bag is made using vinyl, you can use a vinyl protectant to ensure there is an additional shine.

Step 8

If your bag is out of shape, you can restore it to its original shape by stuffing towels in its pockets to enlarge the compartments.

How to clean the inside of a golf bag

Cleaning the inside of your golf bag is similar to cleaning the outside of the bag as the precautions, steps, and tips are identical. It is clear that you should not use a machine unless you want your bag to get damaged. However, there are two ways that I would wish you to try:

Method 1

Wash the inside of your bag with just water and a piece of clean cloth, rinse and repeat until the golf bag is clean. Then you can let the bag to sit in front of a fan for 1 hour so that it gets to dry and you will have solved your issue. I have used this method for a decade and my Sun Mountain Bag looks as good as new.

Method 2

Hand wash the bag. This is labor-intensive and it will take much longer but you can be assured that your bag doesn’t get torn up as opposed to using a machine. Then, hang it outside in upside down to let it dry.

Important Tips for washing your Golf bag

If you want your bag to look as good as a new bag, you can follow these simple guidelines

  • Don’t keep your bag in the sun to dry

There are people who think that by living their golf bag under 300 in the sun, they speed up the process of drying. However, as much as you want to use the sun to speed up the drying process, leaving the bag on the sun can make its color to fade.

  • Shape up your golf bag

If the bag you’re using is out of shape, it is an opportunity to remold it. This can be done by filling the pockets with towels or any identical material. The precaution should be to ensure that you don’t overstuff the bag as it can lead to damaging the zippers.

  • Clean the wedges of your clubs before placing them in the bag

After spending a long day at the golf course, your golf wedges would probably have collected dirt. To avoid damaging the bag, use a clean fabric to wipe off dirt on your clubs. This will ensure that the inside of your bag stays clean

  • Don’t wash your machine using a machine washer

A machine washer will spoil the fabric of your bag

  • Don’t dry your bag using high temperature (above 40°c), just place it in a shade and allow it to dry slowly

using high temperatures to dry your golf bag will spoil it completely

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