My Cart Golf Bag is twisting? Tips to ensure that your golf bag doesn’t twist anymore


Does your cart golf bag twist? If it does make you annoyed and agitated to a point that your game becomes less enjoyable, this is a perfect article for you and it will offer some essential tips to help assist your bag from twisting.

It is normal to find some walking golf bag twisting even as some bag manufacturers advertise of the non-twisting features on their golf carriers. This article will help you solve the problem in two general categories (a) homemade or (b) store-bought.

a) Store-bought Solutions

It is important that you check on the features of your golf bag and ensure that the manufactures advertise on non-twisting aspects on their golf bag. The tips to check on non-twist solutions fall in the following categories:

  1. Anti-twist strap: is a strap on the golf bag that is fastened on the cart frame
  2. Anti-twist sleeves: The cart strap that is threaded through the golf bag’s anti-twist sleeve
  3. The shape of the bag’s bottom should be made to sit well on the cart
  4. The non-slip materials apply to the bottom of the golf bag

Also, the weight of the bag and the distribution of the club weight can result in the bag twisting.

b) Homemade Solutions

Before you buy a new golf bag, you need to check on the following ideas that are inexpensive but will help you to make a better choice. We recommend that the recommendations should be tried in the order listed.

  1. Check the distribution of the weight of your club to ensure you get a better balance without sacrificing expedient access to your golf bags.
  2. Check if your golf bag to see if the cart strap or straps can expediently be threaded through some opening or bag strap.
  3. Find a bungee cord, tie it around some part of the frame and ensure you pull it tight. This tie could perhaps add just enough force to ensure that the bag doesn’t twist.
  4. Alternately, using the bungee cord, you can look for a hole or a strap through which it can be threaded.
  5. Reserve solution number 4 so that you ensure the bungee cord is fastened to the golf bag and then threaded through some segment of the cart frame.
  6. Find some non-slip material and glue it to the bottom of the golf bag.
  7. Also, you might also be capable to apply the same non-slip material to the cart itself
  8. If all the solutions don’t offer you success, you can consider purchasing a lighter golf bag with a manufacturer that has a no-twist feature.

In conclusion, the best golf bag will ensure that you don’t have problems such as twisting. We recommend that you can buy a recommended bag if all other options fail so that you enjoy your game.

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