Congratulations for searching for tips on how to break 80, this means that once you’re able to achieve this, you will be part of the 5% of golfers who consistently break 80. The ambition alone places you in a rare group of a dreamer who is ready to be achievers. If you’re seeking to break 80 it means that your game is solid and you only require polishing some few things. The article offers you tips on how to break 80 in golf.

Golf is 60% technique, 15% strength, and 25% mental. The solution to the golf sport is consistency.

7 Tips to break 80 in Golf

  1. Short Game is King

It is important that you practice for short game. Ensure that at least 70% of your practice should be from 100 yards and in. It is necessary that you become deadly at close range, become a better putter, chipper, and bunker player. Perfecting the short game is essential to break 80 in golf.

  1. Practice Putting

You should practice putting on the green before you play a round so that you can have a feeling of the golf course and play well.

  1. Practice More

It is vital that you practice more and ensure that you make various progress while playing your game. As you play, change your clubs between shots on the golf range. Learn on how to calculate the influence of wind, lie, and elevation.  Also, learn on reading a putt from hitting the same over and over again. Thus, ensure that you put yourself under pressure in practice.

  1. Work on the Mental Capability of the Game

To break 80 in golf, you need to work on the mental capacity so that you can play “one shot at a time”. It is important that you ignore the wrong things and focus on the right things. Bob Rotella book named Golf is Not a Game of Perfect describe the sport as a game of common sense and it is a great read to help you improve your game.

Importantly, you need to know your mindset, what makes you angry, your own fears, what makes you uneasy on the golf course, look forward with expectation regarding what the day will bring, and train yourself to let go your bad and good swing. Once you make the shot and the ball is in the air, it’s over and what matters is the next shot.

  1. Ensure that you hit the ball from the center of the Golf Bag

If you hit the ball from the center of the club, it will move towards the target in particular ease. To ensure that you implement this technique, you can purchase some impact tape and mark the center of your golf club.

  1. Improve on your Swing

Ensure that you work on your swing and perfect your skills every day. Improving your swing can require you to watch other golfers and improve on your game. Also, you can ask a skilled golfer to watch your swing once in a while and recommend on improvements.

  1. Strength

Strength, energy, and stamina are required in a game and this can be achieved by doing some exercise or carrying a waterproof golf bag. A golfer who wants to break 80 requires lifting weights to strengthen their arms. Also, you need to do a lot of ab workouts so as to stabilize your core.

6 Common Golf Swing Mistakes

a. Not Warming Up

Most of the golfers will not warm up as they feel that they’re too cool to warm up. What most people don’t realize is that warming up helps to relax your muscles and this necessitates a powerful swing and this can help to break 80 and even 70 easily.

b. Wrong Golf Clubs

The impression that all golf clubs are the similar is not true and can be a cause of a bad swing in a game. Pro golfers knows that having the right golf clubs will go a long way toward eradicating swing flaws without any extra effort by golfers.

c. Swinging too Hard

In the past, the finesse of a golfer was as a result of the power side of the sport. The new golfers tend to swing way too fast and too hard. It is true that a faster swing will offer a longer shot and you will drive the ball far. Nonetheless, an average golfer may not have the expertise to swing the club and hot the golf ball cleanly. If you slow down your swing, you will be able to have a proper sequence and maintain more consistency.

d. Gripping Too firmly

Gripping a golf club is a common error that can really affect your swing. A golfer needs to realize that a swing is an athletic motion and need a loose action to allow optimal results. If you grip the club too tightly, it will slow down the swing as the muscles became taut and ineffective.

e. Poor Alignment

Poor alignment is a major contributor to a bad shot as you will not be seeing the correct picture of the target. Many golfers make the mistake of lining up their feet aiming straightly or directly to the target. However, a good alignment should be lined up parallel to the target line. Alignment should be constantly maintained and can be achieved by placing the golf clubs or alignment rods on the ground during the practice sessions.

f. Shooting at the Flag

Many players will imitate Bubba Watson and take a dead aim at the flag. This can be a great mistake if you’re not a perfect golfer. I would suggest that hit the center of the green and try putting from there. It has been observed that putting has a higher success rate that sand play or chipping. So, it is necessary to put it on the green and have a solid par to find the hole.

Final Thought

It is possible that you can break 80 on a consistent basis if you put in the necessary time and efforts to achieve the lofty objective. The golfer would be required to work on putting, chipping, revamping the golf swing, and hitting a golf ball on difficult lies. The best thing is to pick your cool golf bag and hit the course for more practice and you will soon be there.

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